Folding vs. Non-folding Ebony Cameras

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by jeffrey_scott, Jan 8, 2002.

  1. I am looking for comments or experiences with the non-folding Ebony cameras. Do you feel that this design is better or is it a compromise design to the folding variety? I know that these models do not have as much bellows extension but other than that it seems these offer a lot in the way of movements, especially direct lateral displacements and wide angle capability. Thanks for your feedback.
  2. Every design is a compromise of some sort. You choose your camera &
    you live with it. Great movements, enough to twist the camera into a
    pretzel & live with the weight & size. Fewer movements & lighter
    weight & you live with the minimized camera and a more limited choice
    of usable lenses.
  3. I use an Ebony 45SU non-folding camera. I find that it will do
    everything I need it to in landscape and still-life work. I use it both
    as a 4x5 camera and as a medium-format camera with Ebony's 6x9 back. It
    is a pleasure to use. Still, I do not have any experience with an Ebony
    folding camera. I would imagine that the Ebony SV series is also fine.
    One reason I like the 45SU is that the set-up time is about the same as
    a medium-format camera. That is, it's quick!


    Now, to answer your question more directly, when using my camera I do
    not sense any compromise in its design. It was intended as a worthy
    alternative to a more complex folding camera, and it functions with
    real mechanical and aesthetic elegance.


    There is a good discussion by John Sexton of the different types of
    cameras on Ebony's website. And there are previous discussions of
    various Ebony cameras in this forum. Also, you will receive good
    information from Jeff at Badger Graphic Sales.
  4. There is an informative article by Richard Sexton on the Ebony
    website (link at the bottom of the home page), on this subject.
  5. The non-folding Ebony cameras are really suited to using wide angle
    lenses where, I've been told, the need for front and rear alignment
    is paramount. The non-folding design is very rigid and well aligned.
    I am perfectly happy with the SW45, it handles landscapes admirably
    and is a joy to use! If your "thing" is wide angle, then the non-
    folders are perfect.
  6. I ordered a 45SU from Badger, looking forward to getting it. I bought
    a brand new Linhof Master Technika 2000 but returned it within a few
    days because it had too many things wrong with it for such a quality
    brand. I've had Tech III's and V's that have been wonderful and
    expected the new model to be as good. Perhaps I just got a fluke but
    that is partly what made me decide to try the Ebony. Every review I
    have read speaks glowingly about them, I just had to trust them since
    for the past 15 years all I have used were technical type cameras.

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