Folding Voigtlander Bessa Question?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by Ricochetrider, Jun 13, 2021.

  1. Hi folks.

    SO... I took the oldest camera I own, my 1930s folding 6x9 Bessa out recently and ran a roll of expired Portra though it. I set it up in "landscape" mode on my tripod and in actuality flubbed a few shots - although I did get 3 off the roll, so not a total loss.

    I've only ever used this camera's quite tiny little "glass" sight in the past- it folds to accommodate landscape or portrait configurations BUT the glass itself is tty and I honuestlycan barely see anything through it! SO this time, I popped up the little metal frame sight thingy and used it to frame my shots. on all 3 of the onesI got, I could have rotated the camera more to the left to center teh subjects in the photo frame...

    SO the question is: do any of you who shoot these old cameras sight using the frame thing? How successful are you in getting a properly (or adequately) framed photograph?

    Here's a sample photo, the "worst" of the 3. Despite any imperfections, I still really like the shot. Now I'm re-energized with the camera and hope to take it out again soon!

    Zone focused at f8, rated at box speed.



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