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  1. While I owned only one D100 life was simple. There was a folder 101ND100 on all memory cards I used. Now that I bought a second D100 I can't get the folder thing sorted out. My cards now have 101ND100 and 103ND100 folders. If I delete the 103 folder (on my computer) it comes right back when I shoot the first picture. I select folder 101 through the camera menu, take one shot, it's in 103 which the camera just formed. How can I get rid of this stupid behavior? Ideally I want two folders on each card and have each body be set to use its own folder. That way I can track which body made which shots. I have looked in the manual and can't find anything but the most basic info on folders. Naturally it doesn't cover this issue.
  2. Walter.... Where is each camera set in "PLAYBACK MENU" > "Folder Designate" > "Folder Select"?
    If you format the card in the D100, and immediately take it out of the camera and put it in your card reader, what structure do you see on the memory card when you open it in Windows or your Mac OS?
    May I ask why you don't simply put a different card in each camera, and use different folder names on camera/card A and camera/card B? Swapping a single card back and forth is asking for trouble. Any card will only ever be formatted in one of the cameras.
  3. 1) Camera is set for Current.
    2) If I format then remove the card it only has 101ND100 but if I take a single shot first it has 2 folders 101 & 103. These all inside DCIM folder.
    3) I use multiple cards for added storage so I don't need a portable HD anymore. Memory max for this camera is small (256mB). I use 2 bodies as primary and backup so I really need to be able to use cards interchangeably.
    4) Not sure what you mean "Any card will only ever be formatted in one of the cameras". Cards work in either camera. The 2 bodies are identical. Not different models.
  4. Correction on #2. After format there is only a DCIM folder. After 1st shot it creates 103ND100.
  5. 1 & 2) I tried a couple of different things, and I don't think you can do it. I don't see any way to set where the D100 looks to write the file. What I was thinking didn't work. Maybe someone else can jump in here. It's weird that it's skipping 102. Try a hard reset on both bodies, perhaps. Take the cards out first, then format the cards in Windows, then format them in a camera after the reset.
    3) You can put cards much larger than 256MB in your D100. I just tried a 4GB card in one. Buy two $12 plain old 2GB cards, put one in each camera, and for $24 you have the equivalent of about seven and a half 256MB cards in each camera. Same as fifteen 256MB cards overall. If you prefer the safety of more eggs in your basket, get four 1GB cards for just about the same price. And even "old, slow" 2009 cards are fast enough for the D100, you certainly don't need 133X or Class 6 cards. No swapping or confused file origins anymore.
    4) I suppose they are the same, format-wise, but I don't know what the D100's computers say about this. They are certainly different at this level. There are numbers in the information that are surely different (S/Ns and such) so a card is only ever formatted for one body or another, I'd think. Though someone more computer-savvy will have to confirm.
  6. Thx Joe. Can you tell me what brands of which cards work successfully for you. I have tried 2 different 1 MB cards. Both gave error "CHR" or "CHA" whatever, means doesn't recognize card. I don't have the time or money to just go through a bunch of cards that some work, some don't.
  7. lwg


    I had no luck with 4GB cards when I had the D100. 2GB 80X Lexar cards worked fine.
  8. The 4GB card I tried was a plain old red and blue SanDisk "4.0 GB" card.
    Are there different firmware versions??
  9. I just tried these 4GB cards, and all three worked. They all show 1.2K Large Fine JPEGs remaining, which sounds right when you factor in Nikon's infamous conservative display calculation.
  10. If you have version 1.x your Nikon D100 will only work with up to 2GB cards. If you have version 2.x it will work with any size card available now. I have seen 4gb cards formatted to work in 1.x cameras and are formatted at 2gb, these have to be reformatted to get the total capacity of the card.
    Cards of the proper size that won't work are either defective or interface/speed problems prevent them from working. I've only found one card that wouldn't work, and the manufacturer replaced it.
    My D100 (a 2.x) model works with a 16gb card.
    Also remember to format your card before using it in the camera.

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