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Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by albert_smith, Mar 9, 2004.

  1. Here is a small group of shots from Bike Week in Daytona. This year I used a Nikon, but shot in the "Leica style", such as using a zone- focused wide-angle to grab shots from the hip.
    Link to folder
  2. Albert,

    nice work. Especially No. 15 works as a perfect grab shot for me. Looks like a pretty interesting weekend for you. What did you do with your wife while you were there ??

    Best regards
  3. m_.


    Albert: I am not all sure what "Leica style" means but those are great photos. They are well focused and well composed. If they are all full frame shots, I think your hands are better than my eyes. :)
  4. i want the phone number of the last one....the blonde in black with the green shades...........

    oh, yeah........nice pics ;o)
  5. a nikon!!?? you traitor!!
  6. Well it's nice to see a presentation with a consistent theme.... (I guess you're not going to get to help out with the Super Bowl halftime show next year, though)

    The one which really stands out for me is

    A real comment on an aspect of chopper culture - and the out-of-focus guy in the background really adds to the shot, IMHO.
  7. No. 9, Albert. The guy snoozing with hands (w/rings and tatoos) folded peacefully on his belly and hat covering his face. A potentially menacing countenance in such a peaceful shot -- just tremendous.
  8. Great stuff Albert, look forward to your Bike Week shots every year.

    Did attend the lead-up week to Bike Week two years ago while in Florida on business, so I have a feel for what it is like for the real thing.

    Keep up the good work.

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