Fog Machine + Strobes = bad idea ?

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  1. I've always avoided using a fog machine near any musical stuff as the old ones use to leave a bit of a residue. Newer still seem to use the same water+glycerin juice. Any idea if these will harm strobes?
  2. I don't know, but that fog is a PiA to shoot through.
    • The AutoFocus may not be able to lock up on the subject, so you have to focus manually.
    • Flash will be reflected back at you by the fog.
    • Some of those fogs literally "stinks."
  3. All very true. I ended up making my own fog juice so I could play with the amount of glycol and as little as possible as that's what creates a film on stuff. Overall it worked well and no film left on strobes or other stuff even though we had it fairly thick at times. Yep, AF was either a pain or non-existent. I was shooting at 2.8 for a shallower DoF which made manual difficult with the models moving a bit. Some haze would have helped with light beams as the fog didn't spread out as evenly as I'd hoped and dissipated too quickly. Next time.

    In the end I was able to get close to the shot I wanted though did run in to a 'strobes too bright' issue. :)
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