Focusing screen for Nikon FM2n...where to buy?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by michael_weiner|2, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. I just picked up an FM2n and would like to get a new focusing screen. The posts I see discussing the screens are pretty dated. Where can I order on today? Open to recommendations on which ones to consider, as well.
  2. Check with KEH. However, I've picked up a few on eBay which seems to be the better source.
  3. The FM3A have the same size screen but improved. It's called K3 and it's available new. You should be able to order one from any Nikon retailer.
    For instance:
  4. yea, check out keh. i got my screens from them.
    on the screen to choose from, a lot depends on your preference. i like the e screens in my nikons as i find the grid lines really useful. for my fm2n, i fitted it with the e2 screen. it's bright, has good contrast and easy to focus
  5. Given that you'll be staring thru it every time you shoot, I'd spend the extra $ and get a new FM3a screen while you can. Used plastic screens like these scratched easily and you might not share many sellers' idea of "excellent" condition.
  6. Make sure you get the complete kit Michael. The new screens came complete with a specially made pair of forceps for removing the old screen and replacing it. Without the forceps the job of replacing the screen is fiddly and with the added hazard of scratching the screen or your camera's mirror.
    Also, if you replace the FM2 screen with the FM3a's, you may have to dial in some exposure compensation. I never had any problem using the screen in my FM and FE bodies, which were a bit dimmer than the FM2's screen. I much preferred the type B screens anyway, with no split image circle to interfere with my composition.
  7. Beattie...Intensescreen...and Nikon screens...Adorama etc etc
    The rule for exposure compensation is in the MIR it carefully.

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