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  1. I am trying to replace the focusing screen in my Nikon FM - It got some of the sticky black goo on it from the surrounding seals. I know the FM does not have user replaceable screen but my camera tech said he would be able to do it if I find the part. I know the FE and FM screens are the same but I can seem to locate any Type K screens only Type E and Type B. What am I changing if I got with one of these other screens. Will I have to compensate? Will it be harder to focus? I mostly shoot with a 50 f1.8 and a 200 f.4.
  2. The type B screen is a plain ground screen with no split-image or microprism ring. The type K has both of those.

    Type E is the same as a type B with the addition of grid-lines.

    I used to prefer the uncluttered type B screens, but you need pretty good eyesight to focus accurately with them. Personally I never had an issue, even though I wear strong prescription spectacles. At least the type B screen doesn't black out if you view it off-centre!

    No exposure compensation is necessary.

    P.S. you might be able to clean up the old K screen with white-spirit. Other organic solvents will probably damage the screen material. Apply it with a soft brush. Scrubbing with a microfibre cloth or similar will scratch it.
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  3. Some FM's have focusing screens which can be replaced without taking the top off the camera. Scroll down to the bottom of this thread for more information.

    Nikon FM screen

    I think there were two versions of the FM. In the earlier version you can see a screw near the mirror bumper which releases the screen downwards in its frame, along with some spring clips etc. It's very fiddly to get it back, though, and very easy to scuff the delicate screen in the process, as I discovered. The later version of the FM certainly doesn't have this feature.

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