Focusing Screen for GW690III?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by finnegan, May 11, 2015.

  1. I had a GW690 that is now the thief's, may he choke 6x9 times...
    I can't recall what the focusing screen looked like but I know it was more precise and provided a quicker in-focus shot than its replacement my GW690III. That has some orange circular area within which you line up a double image into one. It's fine if you're focusing along an edge of something, or a tree in winter etc, but not so good for anything within the "lines", like facial features.
    It's a pain and I can't tell if some of the slightly out-of-focus shots I get (I haven't shot it a lot) are from an actual problem or just user-error in sharp-focusing.
    Are there other focusing screens for these Fuji Rangefinders 6x9s - or for the GW690II ? A better one would be most welcome, along with some instruction someplace on installation.
  2. That's how rangefinder cameras work. If you want to view the image on a screen you need to get an SLR, a TLR or a view camera/press camera. I don't know of any standard type 6X9 SLR cameras. The closest thing would be a 6X7 or a 6X8. Fujica made the GX680 cameras and Mamiya made backs for some of its RB and RZ cameras which gave a nominal 6X8 image. As an alternative you could use a 6X9 roll film back on a view camera. I shot a roll of 120 Portra 160 earlier today hand held with a Bronica GS-1 using a 65/4 lens and in bright outdoor light. The large Fuji RF cameras are probably easier to use hand held but it can be done with SLRs too.
  3. Rangefinders don't have a focus screen like reflex cameras. Your rangefinder optics may have haze and dust that reduces the contrast and ability to see clearly. This happens with old RF cameras. The GW690 III is at least 20 years old. Rangefinder mechanisms also need occasional adjusting, which could be why some of your pictures are not sharp.
  4. Also, there are differences in how the focusing spot looks in the viewfinder field in different 670/690 models, the I, II, and III have minor viewfinder/RF differences. I doubt it would be an easy job to change, if possible. Good suggestion to have it cleaned. Frank Marshman would be a fine choice for any such job on the big Fujis.
  5. Thanks all and I'll check out Frank Marshman, sounds good idea to have it checked out.

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