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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by allan_martin, Jul 11, 2013.

  1. Hi there mates!
    I managed to scratch my focusing screen and now I need a replacement. I dont want anything fancy like those katzeyes stuff.
    I would like just a nikon original focusing screen the same as the the one I have now.
    The thing is I didnt find the same, which was supposed to be the briteview cleat matte mark II type B.
    The one I found was a briteview clear matte mark IV tybe B, sold by BH which says it's compatible with the D3 camera.

    What do I do now? Could I get that one for the D3? Would it fit? If not, where can I get a regular focusing sceen for the D7000?
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    Focusing screen for the D3 is much larger since it is FX. If nothing else, the screen for the D3 will definitely not fit the D7000.
    Is not fixing it an option? Unless the scratch is so bad that affect your metering and your composition, it should not affect your images.
  3. I don't think anyone wants to stare at a scratch in the viewfinder all the time, even if it doesn't affect their pictures.
    I wonder if Nikon can sell you one from one of their repair depots ?
  4. ShunCheung

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    When I was a teenager, I wanted my cameras to be perfect. Whenever there was dust on my focusing screen, I tried to clean it with lens fluid and paper. It didn't take long before I scratched it, making it much worse than before. However, I didn't learn my lesson and tried to clean my second camera more carefully and, of cousrse, got the same result. After scratching 3, 4 focusing screens, I finally learned my lesson. From then on, if I cannot blow away any dust with a blower, I just live with slightly imperfect focusing screens, which have no effect on the final image.
    A few days ago, Michael Freeman reminded me that the D3 has a focusing screen that is designed to be user changeable:
    That is why you find different types of Nikon screens for the D3. However, the D7000's focusing screen is not easily user changeable like the D3's. You can still change it, of course, but it'll require tools and a lot more effort. If you get a KatzEye screen for the D7000, most people can replace that themselves.
    Since the OP is in Canada, I am not sure about Nikon Canada's policy, but Nikon USA has stopped selling repair parts to individuals and small "mom and pop" repair shops a couple of years ago. Therefore, if the OP does not want the KatzEye screen, finding the Nikon part may be very difficult.
    As I said earlier, I learned that many years ago that I am better off living with a less-than-perfect focusing screen. If you can't, you may have to send your D7000 to Nikon Canada and pay for parts and labor for screen replacement. I am sure it is very simple for a trained technician to change it so that labor cost shouldn't be very high.
    Or you get the KatzEye.
  5. Thank you guys. That FX thing didnt go through my mind at all.
    Well, I actually wanted just to remove some annoying dust specs that have been there for a long while. I dont know how they got there cause over 3 years, they have been the same.

    I didnt have the tweezer tool to remove the focusing screen so I improvised and thats when it got scratched.
    What exactly are my options then? Service, katzeye or maybe buy a D7000 focusing screen on ebay?
    @shun that's exactly how I feel. Even though people keep saying thats not worth it, I HAVE to try at least one time!
  6. I would try calling Nikon Canada first (probably Mississauga - to see if they can supply a replacement screen. The worst that can happen is that they will say no, and you will have to consider other options.
  7. ShunCheung

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    Michael is right, as usual. Let's see you can get the part first, but if you do, please make sure that you have the right tools to extract the old one and insert the new one. Most focusing screen scratches are photographer self-inflicted problems, as I learned the hard way many years ago. Worse yet, I was a slow learner and I had to make the same mistake several times before I convinced myself not to do it again.
  8. Michael is right /as usual/ occasionally.
    Let's not exaggerate. ;-) :)
  9. Thank you guys. If nothing works, im considering buying one on ebay which is probably from old D7000s and replace it myself. However, how could I get that especial tweezer? Do you know any place that could sell those?
  10. The tweezers originally supplied with replacement screens for the FE/FE2/FM2(n)/FA series should work if tweezers don't come with a replacement D7000 screen. If you can pick up a cheap FE screen on eBay in the original case with tweezers, those should work.
  11. I have got them direct from Nikon parts department. Not all that expensive. I think I payed well under $20 for the whole thing shipping and all.
  12. Just to inform anyone else that might be needing this info, I'll be getting the focusing screen part directly at nikon. They won't be able to provide the tweezer, only the part. It costs $20 with shipping.
    I think Ill try ebay for those FA/FE/FM tweezer.
    I hope my hands are good enough to make the replacement myself haha. This time I'll give the prism and all of it a good blow. No more specs hopefully.
    Thanks everyone.
  13. Guys, do you think I could use these tweezers here:

    For working with my D7000 focusing screen? Or it has to be a nikon tweezer?
    Otherwise I can grab a fm3a focusing screen, like our mate suggested, and it comes with the tweezer, but not the finger coats thing.

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