Focus Stacking 'Increments'?

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  1. Before I set out to shoot some, AKA a lot (!) of 45 degree rulers, has anyone seen a table of approx slice depth per chosen increment per aperture per focal distance per focal length...etc

    or atleast for near macro scale, say 1:2..

    And is the minimum increment/slice determined by the lens's ability to move small rotational angles? ie not all 50mm lenses will be the same?
  2. No, I have no clue but to put things simple, I'd get 4 values closest amn most distant point of subject. my aperture and how much DOF my lens will surely deliver. let's say I'm shooting at f8, I'd pick up how much I need to spin the lens for f4's DOF.
    Starting at "near" and f8 I'd add shots in f4's DOF increments till I am at "distant". Better safe than sorry! And in doubt you might get better results at f5.6 and f2.8 / f2? spins on the distance ring.
    If you have no DOF scale the one on another lens will give you an idea how far to twist what you mounted (as long as there are (useless) distance engravings at all.
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  3. I've just realised I'd CUT but not PASTED an important sentence here.
    I was specifically wanting info on the automated in-body focus stacking feature within high end Nikon DSLRs and Z series cameras.
    Sorry for the confusion!
  4. The Nikon focus stacking function is not well documented. The increment you need will depends on the subject distance, focal length and aperture. In general, the longer the subject distance and the more closed down the aperture, the fewer the number of shots. But you just have to experiment. The D850 professional Technical Guide ( has some tables for macro that might help.
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  5. You'd think, all things being equal (!), that there'd be an App for this!

    I mean, it's only maths................:p

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