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Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by buzz_andersen, Sep 29, 2000.

  1. Hi,
    Just today I started noticing a phenomenon with my 35mm
    Summicron ASPH that I've never experienced before. All of the
    sudden, when I move the focus ring on the lens, I notice what
    seems like a lot of tension making it harder to move. It's not
    impossible or anything--it just doesn't have the same smooth
    glide it did last time I used it (about a week ago). I know that this
    can happen with older lenses (I have a previous generation
    50mm Summicron that has a little bit of that), but I have only had
    this lens since August, and the problem seems to have
    happened out of the blue! Does anyone know what could have
    caused this? Should I send this lens in for service? Is there a
    quick fix--is there a fix at all? Any help you knowledgable people
    could offer would be greatly appreciated!


    Thanks much!


  2. I would try slipping a piece of paper between the optical unit (the
    part with the glass that does not rotate but moves in and out as
    you focus) and the focus mount (the part you move to focus).
    Sometimes debris can accumulate in there. If that does not do
    anything, I would send it in to be checked as internal screws may
    have loosened or......
  3. Thanks--that seems to have done the trick! I appreciate your



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