Focus Racking with Studio Strobes

Discussion in 'Macro' started by pashminu, Sep 6, 2018.

  1. I have fair knowledge of photography and undertake normal product /portrait photography with strobe lights.

    I want to know how to do focus racking of products with strobe lights. I have four strobes, macro lens and Canon 6D with remote trigger.

    Most of the tutorials are about focus stacking under continuous lights.

    For the photography with strobes, my camera settings are 1/160, f/7 and ISO 100. There is nothing visible in the EVF and/or LCD.
  2. I do focus stacking with a focusing rail, either with a screw drive for fine work, or a rack and pinion for larger objects. Once the shot is framed and the initial focus performed (manual), you turn the adjusting knob a certain amount between shots. The total physical distance traveled is comparable to the object's size. It's not necessary to look through the finder, so a strobe fired by the shutter would work well. That said, there would normally be enough light to use the finder, as long as it had a negligible effect on exposure relative to the strobe lights.

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