focus accuracy mark 3 versus 2?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by dylan_park, Nov 15, 2016.

  1. I am in the process of switching over cameras, and are looking for any reviews on focus accuracy (how many shots come out well versus not, and a good photographer taking) between the mark 5 d 2 and mark 3. i know the mark 3 has more cross types, though does this make a significant distance? My other question is would there be any other canon that is not top of the line such as a 6d or other that you would consider for this aspect?
    My focus is fashion, potraits, occasional movement and a shoot with a sigma art 35mm 1.4
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    Not a review, not a scientific test, but I have used both cameras extensively. I think the focussing on MY Mark 3 is better than it is on my Mk2. I had some problems with autofocus on the Mark 2 which took a some intervention from Canon to overcome; but even now, and with both cameras, where the AF settles doesn't seem to always gel well with how far away I'm expecting to establish focus.
    But I have to say that I think focus accuracy might well be a function of an individual camera rather than a property of a particular model type. Further I have found that I get best results by selecting one focus point , picking out the single thing in frame that I really want to be very sharp, and recomposing. Also when using a tripod I'm typically using Live View and manual focus which I've found to give best results of all though perhaps a bit laborious to use for every shot. So beware reviews and generalisations about one model vs. another- focus depends how a particular lens/body combo is adjusted to work together, but also how you use the camera generally and the focus options specifically.
  3. I exclusively use the center point to focus with my 5DII (most often using the focus and recompose technique), and have never had an issue with its accuracy. However, I shoot static or slow moving subjects only. For shooting faster moving subjects, I would expect the 5DIII's AF system to be much superior.
  4. As I said in your post on the Nikon forum, I can't imagine that any modern system would be inadequate to your applications.
    The pursuit of the perfect is usually the enemy of the good.
  5. As I said in your post on the Nikon forum, I can't imagine that any modern system would be inadequate to your applications.​
    Beat me to it. Can't see why you would need high-end AF for fashion and portraits. In fact, you could do them without AF.
  6. The outer AF points on the 5D2 are a joke. They are so bad that I never use them. They're nowhere near accurate enough for wide aperture lenses.
    I think the 5D3 will be far superior. Even for portraiture and fashion work, accurate outer AF points make a huge difference on lenses like the 35mm f/1.4 to keep those subtle movements in check.

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