Focotar II 5.6/IOOmm versus Focotar 4.5:95mm

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by jo_l_cahane, Apr 1, 2004.

  1. All you Experts

    Here is what happened to me :

    I bought on E.... a Focomat IIC and in the description was mentionned
    a Focotar 5.6 100mm.
    Instead, when i received it, it was a V Elmar.

    I bought the enlarger for the lens.

    What i would like to know is the price difference between the two
    lenses that i am certain is great.
    Then, if the seller is not cooperative, what can i do ?

    On one hand it was not rightly described, but on the other they
    precised that they do not ship and that the seller had to take away
    the enlarger.

    Sorry being so long and open your eyes !
  2. $400.00 to $600.00 difference between the 100mm Focotar and the V-Elmar. The focotar-2 blows the V-Elmar away and is worth the extra money.
  3. yes Joel you got ripped off...
    Tu t'es bel et bien fait arnaquer...

    There was no pix with the Bay auction??
  4. AFAIK there was no 100mm Focotar lens. The Focomat IIc came with a 50mm f4.5 Focotar-2 and a 100mm V-Elmar. The earlier Focomat IIa came with a 50mm Focotar (not -2) and the 95mm f4.5 Focotar.

    I owned a Focomat 1c Color with a Focotar-2 lens. It was fine at the time (70s-80s). If I were doing it now I would switch to Rodenstock Rodagons, especially the Apo variety.

    I think you got the correct lens and wouldn't sweat it.
  5. Kent,
    I have a Leica 100mm Focotar 5.6 on my enlarger right now and it is probably the best of it's type ever made.It came with the later 2c's.
  6. Kent, there where four lenses for the Focomat II

    1) Focotar 60mm F4.5 that remained inchanged all the enlarger life

    2) Focotar 95mm F4.5

    3) V Elmar 100mm F 4.5

    4) Focotar II 100mm F5.6

    60mm is ok and no more, 95mm same, V Elmar better but a lot of curvature and Focotar II Outstanding

    I do not think they ever equipped this enlarger with a 50mm lens but someone may be has information to share about this.
  7. Sky is brighter

    This honest seller admitted his mistake and almost agreed on the principle of taking
    into account a price difference.

    Now i am looking for a fair way to determine the price difference between V Elmar 4.5
    100mm and Focotar II 100mm lenses.

    Any idea ?

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