Focomat 2a & Their Lens Mount

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  1. Happy new year,everyone.
    I have a question about FOCOMAT 2A & ITS LENS MOUNT.
    I was looking for a focomat,then found 2a with excellent condition,clear lenses,and cheap price.Although there is nothing to worry about its condition,I'm trying to find out "How to change their lenses?".Most of enlargers have same type of mount (L-mount),but 2a doesn't seem to have it as far as I searched by internet.So anybody knows about "What kind of lens mount does 2a have" or "How to use current lenses with 2a",Please let me know!!
  2. I have the 2-c and it is likely similar to the 2-a except that I believe your two lens mount rotates to change the lens rather than slides, as on the 2-c. The 2-c lenses are mounted within barrels which have normal 39mm threads.
    However, the problem with it, and possibly with the 2-a, is that the focussing barrel is too narrow to accept other more modern lenses without modification. A company in Germany that likely made the enlarger bodies for Leitz (Kienzle, founded in 1879) still modifies Focomat 2-c (and it appears also the 2a) focussing mounts and provides them with modern German (Componon or Apo-Componon) optics. I think the cost is about 5 to 600 Euros per mount modification and lens.
    See the attached links:
    Undisplayable photo attachment:
    Kienzle Pricelist 06_05 -- Leitz IIc Ersatzteilpreisliste_engl_0605.pdf)
    See page 3
    There may be other ways to adapt more modern lenses but I don't know of them.
  3. Don't you already have "excellent condition,clear lenses", presumably Focotars?
  4. Mukul, from my experience, the Focomat enlarger is hard to beat, perhaps only equalled by some of the better Devere or Durst models (especially their 4x5 or 8x10 machines). It was and still is a class act. Unfortunately, and perhaps with the exception of the later Focotar-2 lenses (e.g., the 100mm), the other lenses are average performers, especially for prints greater than 7 or 10X magnification (respectively 6x9 and 35mm). I would love to be able to replace my 60mm lens with a more modern Rodenstock, Nikkor or Schneider lens, and forgo the present 35mm autofocus. Others might have very different experience than mine.

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