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Discussion in 'Accessories' started by sc|1, Jul 16, 2004.

  1. Can anyone recommend a site to buy foam for converting your suitcase
    to a camera case? Thanks.
  2. I haven't tried this, but you could try using a foam pillow. Cut it with a utility knife as needed.
  3. You can also try a fabric/crafts store. The high density foam here is green and is pretty sturdy.
  4. Yes,try a craft or rubber supplies store.
    <br>I've made many things with such foam and am currently making a foam filled backpack (if i ever get the time....!lol)
    Just pick one of the medium densities,only the softest and hardest will be unsuitable.
    <BR>Strangely,the most difficult problem will be finding black foam of the appropriate density and thickness.Most foam will be green or yellow
  5. My son is using the green craft store stuff, and i'm waiting to see how it holds up. So far it looks pretty good, but I worry a little that it might start deteriorating and getting foam crumbs into the equipment. If you cannot find anything locally, there is a place on line called "" that sells dark gray high density packing foam in just about any size you will need. Of course it's more expensive than the green stuff at JoAnne Fabrics, but it works very well and looks right, and so far mine has held up well. If the case is heavily populated, with only small spaces between objects, avoid the pre-punched foam blocks some camera stores sell, because they'll fall apart quickly.
  6. Also upholstery shops
  7. I would recommend closed-cell polyurethane foam. I have been able to get some at a local camera store, though it is rather expensive. The long term stability has probably improved, though I had some deteriorate in less than a year, emitting fumes that coated the optics.
  8. Besides hardness grades,foams also come in quality grades.The best two dunlop foams sold here in australia carry five and ten year guarantees respectively.
    <BR>From experience i'd say even the cheapest will have zero trouble coping with the job.Flaking may be an issue with the cheaper foams some years down the track.From what i remember ,polyurethane does tend to degrade quickly when exposed to the atmosphere-i could be wrong about that point though because that it's been too long since i had any foam degrade
  9. Here I had lined a small suitcase with foam; to hold odd camera gear. I did this in the mid 1970's. All was well with the foam until last year; when it radically turned into a weird goo mess; covering every article inside; the case; etc. I opened up the case one day; and it was like a loose mess of angel food cake chunks; and goo attached to every article. The foam was rigid 6 months before; and for almost 3 decades. Each article had to be cleaned of the goo; the crap fell out all over a carpet; what roayl mess. <BR><BR>The foam magically broke down radically; with no warning; like a sci-fi movie event; radiation; mars beings?
  10. Actually I just purchased some online a couple of days ago. It hasn't arrived yet, but I believe this is what you're looking for (it's also pretty cheap)
    The website is:
  11. Does anyone know the exact type of foam that is dark in color and disintegrates after a few years? Does anyone know of a type of foam that will not disintegrate?

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