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  1. I will be attending my nieces wedding tomorrow and decided to give my Nikon FM2N some much needed exercise. I am trying to decide between Kodak Portra 160 or Arista EDU400 black and white. The wedding will be outside, with an indoor reception. I used to shoot weddings (around 300) over the years, but will just be using one roll of film. My brother had asked if I wanted to be the official photographer, but I wanted to be able to enjoy a wedding and reception instead of working. I told my wife I will be bringing my digital gear in case the official photographer has issues, but probably won't get it out of the bag. I will be taking three lenses, 24/2.8, 50/1.4 and 105/2.5. I also will be bringing an SB-28 flash. it should be fun.
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    I'd take the B&W and use only the 50/1.4. (I'd prefer a 35/1.4) I wouldn't use the flash. And I'd have fun.

    Curiosity question - what's exactly the Plan B if "the official photographer has issues" - are you going to take over the role, or give the Photographer your gear?

  3. I just shot candids at my niece’s wedding a couple of weeks ago using my Leicaflex SL. It’s very enjoyable not being the official photographer.

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  4. Thanks for the suggestion William. I will use the 50/1.4 for most shots, but I have to use the 105 for some. As far as plan B goes, I would probably take over unless I feel I could trust the photographer with my gear. The only other time I let someone use my equipment was at my own wedding 14 years ago. The photographer was having issues with her Canon equipment and had a Nikon F5 for backup, but with only a 50/1.8. I use Nikon, so I let her use my 28-70/2.8 and Sb800 flash. I had my equipment in my car to take on our honeymoon. Good thing I did.
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    Having taken my camera to various nieces' and nephews' weddings, (after we sold our Studio and I quit weddings), I found that the best fun was chronicling events from a behind-the-scenes view; often a distance away from the Professional Photographer and certainly not the typical “must have” shots on the Professional’s (or Bride’s) lists.

    For me, a 135 Format Camera and a fast 35 was an ideal kit. (Digital)

    Recent weddings, I’ve simply used my Fuji X100s

  6. I was thinking the same thing. I remember on several occasions when I was the pro and a relative would go a little too far. I will get a few shots of my niece, but mostly want to do candid stuff. It will be nice to have no stress over what shots I do or don't get. I got a used Nikon 1 J4 for my wife and may ask if she wants to take it along.
  7. I just got back from the wedding a little while ago. Having photographed so many weddings in both the film and digital ages, it was different only shooting one roll of black and white. I hope I got some good ones. It was nice being a guest with no responsibility to capture any moments. Here is a pic of my gear and bag for the day. I found my most retro looking Nikon strap and carried everything in my FB-17 case.

    View attachment DSC_0005.JPG
  8. Heh, looks to me like your case is more retro than your strap. Cases like that scream 70s to me. Does it have the hard spots inside for a camera and lenses with the little elastic straps?
  9. Two other weddings that I did candids for I used a Nikon F with a 50mm f1.4 Nikkor. Both times my camera was older than the hired photographer. A lot of the older people attending recognized the F. Both couples loved the photo albums that I gave them. My last wedding being the official photographer was twenty years ago using a Bronica ETRSi.

    Whenever I have to photograph something important I always use a Nikon F or a Leicaflex SL.
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  10. I went to a small, outdoor family ceremony last weekend that was a somewhat low budget affair and I wasn't sure whether or not there would be a hired photographer.

    I did have my D800 and a 24-120mm, along with a 50mm f/1.4, but decided I'd also take an FM2n-primarily for if there was a hired photographer there. Both my AF 50mm f/1.4 and my 35mm f/1.4 AI-s would(and did) work great on both the FM2n and D800, but I shot a lot of candids with the 35mm on the FM2n with Plus-X. I haven't printed anything yet, but a quick glance showed me that I got the nice "glowing" effect from the 35mm wide open as I wanted(and the combination of slowish film with the high speeds available on the FM2n made it possible to use it wide open for some shots).

    As I often do in these situations, I will print one or two 8x10 "keepers" for them when I can. Even though they did have a hired photographer, I always feel like a good darkroom-printed 8x10 makes a nice gift.
  11. I just finished developing the roll of Arista edu 400 from the wedding. It is drying right now. I will do a scan of it later tonight or tomorrow. The negs look good. I just need to learn how to get the best scans with my Epson V500. Any tips?
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