Florida Wolves

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  1. I have heard that there are wolves in florida in a preserve. I was wondering if
    this information is accurate and if so, where they are/if they allow
    photographers there.

  2. Maybe this?

  3. Or this? Looks geared towards adoption, but...


    Btw, Google has been pretty helpful on this one...
  4. "you can...sit with cougars"

    - shywolfsanctuary.com

    Say what?
  5. I have been to the Shywolf Preserve and you can get very close to all the animals. There is even a wolf or two that you can set with--but most are in wire cages. There is a Florida cougar and a black leopard but you can't set with them--at least not twice. I shot using a 400mm and the wolves were curious about the bigger lens and I got a lot of eyeball to eyeball shots. Worth a visit.
  6. Oh gee, at the shywolf thing you can adopt "Meinjein," who is part wolf, has a history of abuse, an "alpha" personality and is described as "good beginner dog."

    These people are nuts.
  7. I had seen the shywolf one. I got about halfway down the page and saw all of these indian sounding things, like Chief George or something, and didnt think it was actually a wolf sanctuary, just a sanctuary at a zoo or something... I didnt find the seacrest wolf preserve though. Thanks for the help thus far.
  8. If you want to see wolves, go to Yellowstone, Alaska, Isle Royale, Canada, Siberia, or even
    Tibet. I'm not sure what you're looking to photograph in Florida. What is the point of
    taking a picture of Canis Lupus in an enclosure? A strong photograph of a wild wolf is
    exceptional. Game farms have ensured that any photo of a captive wolf is common.
  9. I am a volunteer at Seacrest Wolf Preserve. We have 21 pure wolves. Award winning photographer Jason Hahn & Les Voorhis will be conducting a photography workshop at Seacrest November 9-11, 2007. Jason Hahn's website is: http://www.jasonhahn.com/wolf_weekend.htm
    If you are looking to photograph some beautiful wolves visit: http://www.seacrestwolfpreserve.org

    ~Wendy Larrabee
  10. Photographers go into 3 different wolf habitats. To see some amazing photos taken of our wolves at Seacrest Wolf Preserve vist Jason Hahn's website.

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