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  2. MO-StL-MBG-20D-.jpg
    Tamron 90mm macro​
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  4. _DSC0354_20181226A.jpg _DSC0354_20181226.jpg

    To test my new Tamron 90mm f/2.8 Macro lens, I took some images of the roses in the front yard. (D750 1/2500 sec f/13 ISO 640 Range 0.56 meters)

    The top image is the rose. The bottom image is a crop showing a small green spider (?) (at about 4 o'clock just outside the inner circle of petals on the full image).
  5. This was taken with my 55mm f2.8 micro on a D7100 at f4. I wanted the shallow depth of field to blur out the background. DSC_0032_edited-1 - Copy.jpg
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    With my cheap old Tamron 35-80 on my m4/3 body Tamron 35-80 at macro.JPG
  7. Really pretty, especially I like jon_shumpert|2 photo, awesome colors
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  8. Candles on a Coneflower
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