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  1. Does any one use the Alestron, Prime Film 3650u? Is this a good scanner?
  2. When you consider the price is $299 or thereabouts, that is not much for a film scanner. I
    would be very wary of it's performance, and I'll bet, if you intend to make very large prints,
    you will be wishing you had bought a better scanner. I am sure it is certainly not up to the
    imaging quality we get with our Leica cameras and lenses. It would be the weak link. If I
    were going to purchase a sub-$1000 scanner, I would consider the Microtek Artixscan
    4000tf at around $600 or less. I have used this with the bundled Silverfast scanning
    software for some scans fo some very nice very large prints. The entry level Nikon film
    scanner would also be a good choice.

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  3. save time, rob a bank and buy an M8....
  4. If you live in a small town, rob two banks.

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