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  1. Some background:

    • I store all of my images in Amazon and have created albums for family and friends for typical party and event snaps.
    • However, Amazon albums don’t work for me to curate my “serious photography” photos. For that particular purpose, I have been using zenfolio ($60/year) which is fine, but I’d like to explore alternatives that may offer something different. $40 to $60 per year is acceptable.
    • My primary purpose is storing “serious photos” that I curate in my local computer and upload to a site, categorize them into albums and share in online forums.
    • I don’t need to print, sell or fulfill orders. No blogging needs. And I don’t really want to write code.
    • That’s where Flickr comes in. In addition to the typical image storage, display and sharing, it has a very large active community. That social media aspect is attractive to me. Zenfolio has one but not in the same order of magnitude as Flickr.
    I know that Flickr is changing policies, but as I had stated, I wouldn’t mind paying an annual fee. Right now, I have a free account under 1,000 images (the threshold for a free account).

    What say you?

    Are you a Flickr old-timer? Are you leaving Flickr because of the change in policy?

    Are you a recent Flickr member? What made you join?

  2. Dustin McAmera

    Dustin McAmera Yorkshire

    I have had a Flickr Pro account since 2006, and have no plans to leave. If I understand the changes to come, then (since I have always been Pro) I don't stand to lose out. However, I contribute a little to, and the wiki takes all its pictures from Flickr. Mostly these are in the image owners' Flickr accounts, and we are concerned that we'll lose some of these, that are in free accounts.

    I like the various old-camera groups; it's been the best place to find a significant number of (say) keen box camera users, or the few other people using the same obscure old camera as you, or users of 127 film. At times, I have found that the activity in my Flickr groups has helped me keep my own activity going. There's a wider mix of people than on, I think; I have chatted there with people much less typical of a photography-hobbyist than me, and more arty.

    I also use Flickr to show the pictures elsewhere, like here. I have no pictures uploaded at; I just link to them at Flickr. If I ever wanted to stop one of my pictures appearing at any site, I can simply take it down from Flickr (in fact, even rotating the image at Flickr gives it a new filename, and so breaks the image reused at any other site).

    Mostly, my life at Flickr has been restricted to a very small fraction of the site; just those old-camera groups, and sometimes the groups relating to my city. Beyond those limits, I find people who use Flickr quite differently, as more of a social media site; so there are people who go all-out to collect views and likes, and there are some quite troubling weirdos too.
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  3. Since 2007 - always with a pro account.
    No - at least not yet. My membership is good for another year - then I will have to make up my mind. Given the number of images (10,000+) I have on flickr, inertia on my part may just keep me from making any change.
    At least for me that's no longer true. Almost all groups I participated have turned into ghost towns and many of the image-centered groups have become image dumping grounds. I no longer invest much time in flickr - and the lack of activity on my part is reflected in the lack of activity directed towards me. A lot of former followers and people I followed have long since left flickr for more greener pastures - and the recently announced changes are bound to decimate that number even more.
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  4. To be honest, I don’t know if I’ll be active wrt the social media aspect long term. This may just be a “pasture is always greener” passing whim on my part. I’ll probably continue to play with the free account right now and make sure I upload less than 1000 images.
  5. the fee for over 100 pics is $6.99 month or yearly. Not sure what the yearly amount is. I am a long time member on flickr. 15+ years.
  6. I've been registered on Flickr since 2017, but finally decided to start using it only in 2021, mainly for my old slides (60 rolls of 'em). The main benefit to me is that it encourages me to scan my slides, and give them a proper title, description, technical details, etc. The platform itself does a great job of arranging and displaying the pics in albums. At 10-15 usable pics per roll, I think the free allowance of 1000 will be adequate for the present. I have not yet thought about what to do with the digital camera pics... the old film business did give a greater focus and theme to my exposures, whereas the digital era has resulted in hundreds or thousands of images of doubtful value or uniqueness!

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