Flexaret V users, please help!

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by j._raabe, Apr 12, 2004.

  1. I'm hoping that this camera is not broken. We got our Flexaret V in
    the mail today from Czech Republic, and I can't seem to get the back
    open - also the shutter seems stuck.

    Now, it did not come with a manual, but I've never needed one for
    anything mechanical - actually, that's not strictly true, as I could
    not figure out how to OPEN my Crown Graphic when I first got that..

    I'll upload pictures to help with my badly phrased questions.

    Note: this camera was allegedly CLA'ed recently.
  2. OK, hopefully I can post these pics.
  3. ?? No option to add images?

    OK, please check my portfolio thing, I'll make a folder for these.
  4. Hi, J.

    Don't worry, the camera is just a bit peculiar, but you should get to know it in no time.
    Now for the problems and the photos from your folder.

    1) Opening - (photo 1): you have to unscrew the little screw on the top side, and then PRESS it IN - the back should then open :)

    2) Levers on (around) the taking lens (photo 2): There are 3 levers -one is for turning the whole assembly (largest knob/lever), one is for setting flash synch, and one for setting aperture.
    If you take a closer look at the taking lens, you'll see two "rings" around the lens - first (inner) ring with PRONTOR SVS written on it does not move, and has engraved f-stops and V-X-M markings. You probably know what f-stops are for <grin>, and V, X and M are flash sync modes - the lever there should be positioned on "X" for flash use. Other settings (M and V) are for older bulbs, etc...
    The inner ring also has a small black triangle (on top side, when camera is positioned upright), which is a marker for selected shutter speed (outer ring).
    The outer ring has engraved shutter speeds and (I guess) EV-values. Don't worry about EV values for now - you are interested in f-stops.

    Now for the important part: the f-stops are selected by pulling the f-stop selection lever a bit "out" (i.e. sideways, away from the center of the lens). Once disengaged, you can move the lever to select another speed. If you do not disengage the f-stop lever this way, the f-stops will change with the change of shutter speed (which is changed by turning the largest lever).

    3) Spool release button (photo 3): no, it's just a reminder window with film size marking.

    Anyway, I strongly recommend that you visit www.meopta.cz, and look under "History" link, where you'll find all kinds of manuals for older Flexarets, among them also for Flexaret IV (in English) - you can use that one: although for earlier model, the things are more or less the same.

    Contact me privately if you need more help.


  5. Sorry, I mixed up the photo numbers - increase the numbers I quoted by 1 to get my meaning - I haven't seen the first photo. Anyway, as I said, you can find an English manual on Meopta's web site. Denis
  6. Thanks!

    Still doesn't make sense really; yes it's peculiar.

    The shutter still seems not to cock or fire, dangit. But I can get it open, change shutter speeds, aperture, etc.

    Thanks for the link! The Flexaret IV manual is helpful.. Hopefully I can get the shutter to fire. It's my girlfriend's camera anyway, but she does not like photo.net so I figured I'd try to help out..

  7. I think you have to load a roll of film to cock and fire the shutter.
  8. You don't have to load film to cock and fire the shutter. The shutter is cocked by turning the large knob on the top right side (as seen when you hold the camera in your hands). The same knob is used both for winding film (winding to next photo) and cocking the shutter - although the film does not have to be in the camera to for the knob to operate - i.e. to cock the shutter.
    In this respect (dual action knob - winding and cocking the shutter), Flexaret surpasses some other cameras which are held in much higher regard. ;-)

    Provided the taking lens are clear and without marks, I think you should be quite happy with the quality of photos which can be obtained. Just make sure you use the lens hood to avoid flare.


  9. Well, it did not come with a lens hood, but it did come with the 135 adapter kit. Verticals only, it looks like - pretty cool, BUT, the shutter seems stuck. I can't tell if the shutter is cocked, but I think it is. I certainly appreciate the assistance, but it seems this one is in need of some repair (or return)..

    Cute little magic picture box though.

  10. One more thing to check: There is a shutter lock button just above the shutter release on mine. Does yours have one? If so, it slides up to unlock the release. Also, if yours has a 35mm adapter, I think it is a Va instead of a V. On my V, I cannot get the shutter to cock without a roll of film.
  11. I had the some truble.
    I noted that:
    - opening the back of the camera was possible to shut.
    - with the film was possible to use complitely the camera
  12. Was just given a Flexaret V as a gift and figured out much from this thread, but shutter
    only fires when the back is open. When it closes, it pushes in a small silver lever that is
    above a white dot on the right side of the film chamber, and the shutter will not fire. I can
    still cock, but not release the shutter.

    Cant figure this one out. Any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance.


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