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  1. Hi
    I'm thinking of buying a external flash for my Canon XSI. So I'm looking for some advice on a flash that I wont have to mortgage the house for.
    TY Gerard
  2. Canon 430EX
    Nissin di622
  3. whatever you get, make sure the head tilts AND swivels. My Vivitar flash only tilts, making it impossible to bounce flash off the ceiling for portrait oriented shots. Bouncing off the ceiling is the single easiest thing you can do to improve indoor flash photography, so be sure your flash will allow you to do it no matter which way your camera is turned.
  4. Sunpak PZ42X
  5. If the budget can stretch to a 430EX ii that's a perfect first flash. If budget is limited try at least to get -like Nathan
    wrote- to get a flash with tilt and swivel for bouncing.

    Add a diffuser or bounce card and you're off.

  6. The Nissin and Sunpak mentioned are both good cheaper alternatives. Last time I looked the Nissin website was excellent and the Sunpak website was terrible. For Sunpak, their product descriptions were poor and what you could buy from Adorama didn't even match what was on the website.
  7. Depends on what you consider a mortgage... for about 100-120 you can pick up a full swivel/bouncing, manually adjustable ETTL flash from dozens of 3rd party manufacturers, unless you plan on doing multiple flash wireless setups sometime in the future that's probably the best bang for your buck. If you do want to eventually move to a wireless ettl setup, a 550ex (used - 200-225 or so) is probably your best bet. And a hell of a flash, even today.
  8. Than you for all the help.Time to check out these flashes.ty again.
  9. I'm not a huge fan of the Di622 as it won't trigger if you use a sync-only radio trigger. Making it unusable for Strobist-style photography. The one I tried wouldn't work with a 5D mark II or any 1D series camera.

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