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Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by mark skalinski, Mar 4, 2007.

  1. I have Canon 30D and 580EX Flash. Can not make flash working with aperture
    It is regardless I have Manual or ETTL setting on Flash.
    Appreciate any hints.

  2. What is the problem you see in your photos?
  3. Flash is not firing and I am getting long times as without flash.
  4. Did you check whether flash was working in other exposure modes? The first suspicion is that you have a problem with seating the flash correctly in the hotshoe, or with dirty contacts (clean both the hotshoe and the flash foot contacts). The next thing to investigate is whether the hotshoe needs fixing:

  5. When you use the flash in Aperture Priority mode, the camera will still use long exposure times to capture the ambient light of the situation. You need to read up on flash exposure. Try setting your camera on "P". That is more the trasditional flash behaviour - short synch times. I suspect your flash is fine, you just don't understand yet how it works.
  6. To complement Juergen's comment, I recommend you pick up this DVD:
  7. There is also a custom function to set on your 30d. On my 20d it is; C.Fn-03 0: Auto or 1: 1/250sec.(fixed)
  8. Is your flash firing at all in any mode?

    Camera in Av mode with flash is working normally, the exposure's times still will be long (if there is not enough light) and the flash will work additionally for example to light the people in shadow to eliminate the contrast between the background and the people close to the camera.


    Check all CFs.
  9. Using flash in Apature priority the flash acts as fill lighting. You can go to custom functions as one person before said or shoot in manuel mode and set you apature and shutter speed to the desired amount and the flash will fire the needed amount of light for the combo of the two. This site here as a lot of info on flash photography basics, i recommend it as it was a big help to me. Photonotes.org
  10. Why would anyone use that custom function?

    Shooting at night with F4.0 shutter 1/250th is stupid. Shoot manual. . . put the shutter and aperture where you want it, and let the flash do its job . .

    During the day. . .shoot as normal. If you have a shutter coming up at higher than 1/250th based upon ambient light. . .use high speed sync.
  11. The CF is for people who expect Av mode to work like P mode. Otherwise you can ignore it (I certainly do on my 10D)

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