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  1. Hi to all, I want buy a flash for my Nikon D80 and I have undecided for a SB-600 and SB-900.
    Search on Google I have found that the SB-900 seems be a lot big for the D80 and instable but seems work very well.
    Can you tell me the better choice regarding your experience ?
    Thanks very much.
  2. I bought SB800 new few years back and love it, I would recommend to go with 900 than with 600. 900 can also be remotely fired from your D80 ( I have the same camera)
  3. I have the SB600 and it works very well, it also works as a wireless quite well, I don't know though if the D80,s flash can work as a commander though like the D90. It is also less than half the price of the SB900. The main advantage would be though that the SB900 is a bit more powerful and has a few more settings. But the SB600 is small enough to be still manageable nicely by hand.
  4. I use D80 & SB-600 and even though sometime the flash is not powerful enough, in general I satisfied with the flash, and D80 could be used as commander, the main different from both is GN value and SB600 can't be used as commander when use it on shoes.
    So it's all depending with what you want to shoot and what your plan of lighting system. I mainly shoot with SB600 of shoes from the side, so if you plan to buy more than one flash, than you should buy at least one flash with commander capability (SB800 or SB900). If you just starting to learn to use flash / lighting (like me) than SB 600 is more than enough.
    Hope this help
  5. If you got the budget, definitely go for a 900! I only can afford the 600 (just bought another one as I blew one up earlier this month) - but it is generally powerful enough for most of my needs. The nikon cls wireless rocks :)

    • The 900 is more powerful which can be useful especially when bouncing the flash.
    • The 900 will recycle faster than the 600 AND it will also accept external power (the 600 won't) which can further reduce recycle time to near instantaneous.
    • The menu system and buttons on the 900 are far more user friendly than the 600. However, if you are just dialing in positive or negative FEC, it's not that big a deal.
    • As pointed out, the 900 can act as a commander. Using a 900 as a commander is a bit easier, IMHO, than using the camera's built in flash.
    • The 900 has a PC terminal that will allow you to connect a wireless trigger such as a CyberSync. You could buy sync adapters for the 600.
    If none of the above matter to you, then the SB600 is a fine flash.
  6. I agree with the 2 last posters. I had the 900 and now the 600, but as soon as I have some more cash, I'm getting a new 900 again and keep the 600 as a slave.
    The 900 will also zoom to 200mm, has a built in bounce card and easy attachable filters. I used it on my D90 in the biggest caves here in Portugal and could not believe how powerful that 900 is!!!
    Here in EU the 900 is only 50% more in price, but a 100% better in options, user friendlyness and power.
  7. If portability isn't an issue, I'd get a studio light over a 900 since the 900s are so expensive. Otherwise, I worked with two SB600s for a long time before I got my studio lights and they were great with the CLS. If you're planning to shoot large groups or large areas though, definitely go for the bigger light. Have fun!
  8. Thanks to all for the answers.
    I'am starting with the Nikon CLS so I will go for the SB-600.
    Kind Regards.

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