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  1. ive been shooting weddings for 30 years and it's time to upgrade my strobes. I am interested in the Quantum system but need a few recommendations.
    I'm shooting with Nikon DSLR's
    Want off camera strobe , + 2-3 extra heads
    The ability to use a diffuser or bare bulb
    They have so many models I'm confused, please give me a starting point and don't suggest other brands.
    Other bells and whistles not important
  2. 1. what camera(s) and flash(s) are you using now?
    2. shot in the dark without knowledge of the above: I had success (by my standards) with Nikon CLS using D300 pop up flash set to provide 1/3 of light and SB800 in my hand at extended arm, pointed up at ceiling with the little white reflector card extended set to provide 2/3 of light. This was at a birthday party in a hall, not a wedding, shooting people at tables and walking about. Simple, worked.
  3. I was using 3 Metz strobes with a Quantum wireless unit with a D750 (soon to be D850) on a Stroboframe bracket. I've found that Nikon strobes are not powerful enough for my needs. The Quantum T5D-R will suit my needs but it's offered in so many ways, kits etc. I want to find the best package. I'm hoping that they will be at the NYC photo expo and I can check everything out first hand and speak to a rep. But..if anyone is using Quantum gear for weddings please give me your input. I'm expecting to pay about $2k.
  4. I spoke to a rep/manager at Quantum and found out the info I was looking for. I wanted to pass along a quote of his that I really appreciated:
    "Friends don't let friends shoot TTL"

    thanks for your comments.
  5. Sounds like going back to auto or manual flash.
  6. Sounds like going back to auto or manual flash.

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