Flash for Pentax 67II?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by magic_he, Mar 3, 2002.

  1. Hi,
    I just bought a new Pentax 67II with 55,105 and 200 lens. I sometimes
    need do some outdoor fill flashes, so I decieded to buy a flash
    for my 67II. I read that AF500 will not set fill ratio, is this
    correct or not. I'm also intersted if there are other brand flash,
    like Metz, can use on 67II?
    Thanks everybody!
  2. There is an easy way to get the AF500 to do balanced fill flash. Have
    a look at...




  3. I have the AF500 flash for my 67II. I have only used it as a main
    flash, but it has worked excellent for the times that I have needed


  4. Thank you for your answers!
    I have read the article from luminous-landscape, I found it useful
    to me, I have also found the same text in my 67II manual. I'm still
    wondering that is AF500FTZ the best choice for 67II? I searched
    Metz's webpages, and found that metz 40mz-3i maybe a choice, they
    says that this flash has a ttl fill-in flash control, but 67II does
    not support this function, I maybe not understand clearly about that,
    is that means I can ajust output ratio on the flash but not on the
    camera? Does anyone has experiences on this flash?
    I want to use a flash that can also use on my nikon body, I don't
    know AF500FTZ can do this or not.
    Thanks again!
  5. I don't have experience using this combo, but you might consider the Nikon SB-28 flash unit. It is about the same cost as the Pentax
    AF500. It will not TTL with the 67II but will on most Nikon bodies. You can use this flash, in manual mode, with the 67II and adjust
    the fill ratio of the SB-28 to your hearts content! You might check a posting on this thread under 'Accessories' titled... Hot shoe grip
    for 67II and SB-28? It may answer more questions for you... Good luck!

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