Flash cube hot shoe adapter

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  1. Konica cube  flash adapter.jpg
    Konica cube flash adapter
  2. Tony Parsons

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    Can't recall how long it is since I've seen a flash cube ! Used to use them on my Kodak Instamatic 126 - they were known as Ancient Mariners, as they only seemed to go off about one time in three.
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  3. Where can you buy flashcubes these days? And why would you, when a thrift store/charity shop electronic flash costs peanuts?
  4. as for the first:
    flash cubes | eBay

    closets all over the world have flash cubes somewhere in the back.

    but the second part of rodeo-joe's response is pretty germane. :cool:
  5. Well, yes, you can buy old stock flashcubes, but they have an indeterminate shelf-life.

    If that little blue indicator dot has turned from blue to pink, then whatever they cost has been money down the drain.
  6. For many years, until I got a Vivitar 283, I had an Agfalux C, which is about the size of
    the flash cube, (not including the flash cube). The one I had wasn't hot shoe, but the
    one my father had was. It has a case that the camera strap slides through, so it is
    always handy. I got another one a few years ago, the hot shoe version.

    But for extra flash fun, when I get to trying them, I have some #40 flash bulbs.
    Those are about the size of a 40W bulb, and have the same thread.

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