Flare, light leak, or processing problem?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by gt|1, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. Ok, I can't see that it's flare, because I shot 3 frames in the same exact position, and the defect runs between frames.
    I can't see that it's a light leak since I've put 4 rolls of film through this back and this is the only frame with a problem.
    Could it be a processing problem? If it's not I'll have to take a closer look at this back.
    Mamiya Press Super, 6x7 back, Provia 100:
  2. It looks like handling marks to me.....I've seen this before in roll film, especially if the film is hand rolled onto the reel.....I'd show it to the processor and see what he says...regards, Bob
  3. The crescent marks are from squeesing the film edge to edge too much to get it on the reel. The short straight lines are scratches incurred somewhere, likely processing.
    The streak that extends into the black area is a light streak.
  4. yeah, that crescent is a tell-tale sign of the film being bent such that it gets a kink in it...When I was learning how to load 120 reels to process my own film, I did this a number of times. Unusual to see it in color though...usually those systems have a way to minimize this sort of operator error.
  5. Take a close look at the film area where the crescent mark is. Any film that's been bent that much will have a permanent "dent" left in it. If you can see the deformation in the film, then it's definitely due to incorrect handling. If not - well it just MIGHT be light fogging that's coincidentally in the shape of a quarter moon.
    My money's on you seeing a slight dent in the film.
  6. Damn, I'm looking at this film, and see no physical bends or dents at all. But I do see lines in the crescent like the emulsion has been cracked.
    I wish I could process my own E6.
  7. If you can develop at all, have the equipment for B+W processing for instance, then you can do E-6. Kits are available. One supplier:
  8. Did you ever figure this out?
    I have a mamiya universal (90mm, 6x9 s shaped back) that is exhibiting a very similar leak, but quite frequently in my case.
    I don't see any dents in the negative.

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