Fixing Gitzo Photo Reporter??

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by jonathan_walker, Mar 19, 2006.

  1. My trusty Gitzo photo reporter (this is the old green-gray steel job
    from the 1980s) has finally gotten a little wobbly. It looks like one
    of the legs has gotten loose -- it's held on by a pop rivet.

    Does anyone have any experience with drilling out the little pop rivet
    and replacing it with a new one? It looks deceptively easy.
  2. No experience with pop rivets but you could always remove the rivet and replace with a standard bolt fastened with a cap nut and washer. Like the newer Gitzos. I like the ability to adjust the tension.

  3. Contact Gitzo at You can buy repair/replacement parts or arrange for factory service. Gitzo also has a generous exchange/replacement policy.
  4. "... Does anyone have any experience with drilling out the little pop rivet and replacing it with a new one? It looks deceptively easy..."
    If you have a pop riveter and the right size rivets... it is. The toughest part is drilling off the old rivet head. If you can give it a gentle whack with a center punch first, your drill won't dance around all over it.
  5. Pop rivets are easy enough to drill out - they all have a hole through the center. Just pick a drill the same size as the hole (or a little bigger) and drill just enough that the head pops off without enlarging the hole. The problem is that the rivet sometimes spins so that the drill won't work. In that case, a cape chisel is probably the best approach (flat on one side, bevel up).
  6. All, thanks for these replies -- very helpful.
  7. Old old thread, but if you are still active on the forum, did the pop rivet repair work? I want to try the same but am wary that my hand riveter may not provide the force necessary to create a solid enough hold on the legs (though anything would be better than the wobble I currently have) Thanks!
  8. Very old thread indeed.
    I repaired a tripod (a telescope mount) with a hand riveter. The repaired leg is still as good as the other ones. The connection is solid, without play.
    And should the rivet pop loose again anyway, another, fresh one is easy enough to insert. So give it a try.
  9. Thanks for the reply! I'm going to give it a shot. Seeing as it is a piece that is meant to be permanently attached, if I fail to eliminate the wobble I suppose I can fall back on ole JBWeld to get it done once and for all.
  10. The only issue with drilling out a pop-rivet is the remaining steel 'puller' that snaps off in the aluminium rivet. This will grab a drill point and cause it to wobble. So follow Bob's advice and centre-punch the rivet first. Or use a thin blunt punch to drive the steel pin into the rivet far enough not to catch the drill.

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