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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by rws, Aug 24, 2020.

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    I made two errors in my New User Introduction post -- for rws, posted earlier today. 1) I would like to have the title in bold, but after having created the thread couldn;t figure out how to make this edit. 2) My photo at the left of this post has two parts, the main photo and then a smaller replication of the image in the lower right corner of the main photo. I have no idead how I did this, but if possible would like to have the second smaller image removed to be more in line with the other user posts here.

    I've been using off and on for a whole, mainly to store a small portfolio (which I hope to expand in coming months). I haven't posted to any of the forms yet, but would like to become more involved in the forums as well.

    Thanks for any help -- rws
  2. The title of your introductory thread is bold-ish as are all titles. The second issue of an avatar within an avatar indicates you started and have subsequently contributed to a thread.

    Store photos elsewhere if you value them.
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  3. I should have mentioned that only [you] can see the smaller avatar.
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    No corrections are required to the thread you posted in New User Introductions, Ludmilla has explained the functionality.

    e.g. Here below you see what I see, and what I only see: my miniature Avatar bottom right overlaid on your Avatar. The meaning being you made the Opening Post of the thread and I have subsequently contributed to it.



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