fix or sell broken Canon 60D?

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  1. Hi all!

    My Canon 60D broke in the middle of a trip to the Caribbean. I bought a new one in Miami and now need to decide what to do with the broken one. Can you help me?
    I have to decide between fixing or selling the broken Canon. Since my camera is not in the warranty period anymore, do you think the best would be to
    - 1st I should ship it to Canon facility in Virginia and let them look and give me a price to fix it?
    - just forget this and advertise to sell it as a "need repair" / "broken" item? Advertise where? On EBay, Amazon, KEH? Can I sell here?
  2. I would call Canon and get a deal on another/backup DSLR body (refurbished) using their Customer Loyalty Program. They'll sell you a discounted refurb. and you send them the broken 60D.
  3. A new 60D is $800 to 900. So used value for a great condition unit is probably about $600. I'd get an estimate and judge based on value. If it is a minor problem, the standard minimum charge is about $200 and it would be worthwhile since your resale price will be considerably higher. As a broken "as is" unit you would be lucky to score a benjamin or two as the buyer is looking for a bargain and understands they will need to spend $200 or more to fix it.
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  5. rob i already bought another.
    puppy, what does score a benjamin or two means?
  6. [[rob i already bought another.]]
    Which is why I used the word: "backup"
  7. Antonio, google is your friend type it in . and for that corporate information you may send me one . Seriously.. canon will do the job .. or you sell it on honestly. Take good photos and hope that gave you a smile ! Miken
  8. puppy, what does score a benjamin or two means?​
    The USD $100 paper currency has a picture of Benjamin Franklin on the front, so we often refer to this amount of money as a "benjamin." For example, "that new EOS 5D MK III will cost ya ah mitt full o' benjamins." Often people also refer to the $100 domination as a "bill." For example, "ah new 60D will run ya six bills o' mo'."
  9. Get an estimate from Canon. As Puppy Face already noted, you aren't going to get much for a non-functional unit.
    Personally, I'd be surprised if you got more than $100-150 for it without clear documentation of what is wrong and the
    repair cost. Fully functional, you should be able to get $400-600 for a used 60D in good condition.
  10. This water damaged 60D just sold for $430. It went down to the final second.

    This one is still active with a broken flash.
    So, try selling it on eBay.
  11. Peter, FYI: the broken flash camera body is a D60, not a 60D.
  12. Oops. Sorry. Thanks Rob.
  13. I'm amazed a D60 sold for $460! Maybe the buyer thought it was a 60D because even a mint D60 normally goes for chump change? The EOS D60 was the model right before the 10D and is circa 2002 I believe. As I recall it only had 3 AF points and was 6MP...
  14. Puppy Face, it was a 60D.
  15. Be patient with our friends in North America. Sometimes they forget that there is another world over the horizon.
    I spend a lot of time in Singapore and current used prices for 60D's is in the $4-500 range. We are seeing prices coming off Nikon D800's too. One just sold here for $2300.
  16. Wow. Maybe selling it busted isn't so bad an idea. I shocked to see a water damaged one go for that much...that's close
    to what you could get from KEH!
  17. What Peter said! I remember watching a jaw-dropping auction for a 70-200 f/2.8 IS that had been dropped in the water along a beach. It hadn't been dried out, and the rings were frozen (with corrosion and sand). I doubt the lens could even be disassembled by a repair facility, let alone repaired. In my estimation the lens was a complete write-off. However, it fetched a higher price than an EXC+ one would have cost from KEH.
    Sometimes all reason leaves these people's heads when they get in bidding wars. Start the camera at $.99, and watch the action!

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