fitting a profoto beauty dish on a bowen gemini esperite

Discussion in 'Lighting Equipment' started by anna_nielsen, Jul 6, 2007.

  1. Today i was at my local store and i asked if the pro foto beauty dish in any
    way could be attached to my bowens esprite heads and she answered no. Just now
    i read that it can be done with a speed ring converter. Is this right and if
    yes where can i buy one and what precisly is the name? thanks anna
  2. where did you read that? Basically you'd permanently attach the reflector to a Chimera speedring that has an attachment for your Bowens.

    My recommendation would be to see if Mola makes one of their beauty dishes with a Bowens compatible mount:
  3. Ok Ellis - somewhere in here searching for threads on beauty dishes . So it could be done with a chimera. Im in contact with rent711 in germany and they have the molas for sale - They have to be good with that price! Buying photographic stuff here in Denmark is twice expensive than in the states. You know what- people here actually buy a trip to NY to shop only (and see the city). And having a handfull of proshops charging around (and this is true) 700$ for a littel tiny Bowens beauty dish (with grid and deflector)is depressing.
  4. I would just pick up a bowens beauty dish...they're fantastic. you can get a whole kit of light modifiers for less than $700 from BH and Calumet both. The dish can be found occasionally for around $250.

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