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  1. What kind of photos you have made with fisheye lenses, F-Distagon etc. Would be nice to see!
    Kerkko K.
  2. Would accessory lenses be included in this question? I would like to see what experience others have had with those common fisheye accessory lenses used for digital cameras and video.
    Xavian-Anderson Macpherson
  3. Fisheye lenses can come in handy for a number of applications. Below are two of them, both shot in 35mm. The first I used my 16mm fisheye to provide a unique perspective in an architectural shot. I intentionally wanted the distortion. In the second one, it was a matter of needing one to get the shot at all. The club in which the band was playing was very small and even my 20mm could not get what I wanted. With some careful positioning however, you can minimize the amount of distortion the lens makes.

  4. Scott,
    Thank you of your photos. Indoor photo was great classical, the band was great exmple of using fisheye a nice way. Thanks!
  5. Here are a few medium format ones.... Bronica PS 35mm.
  6. and another....
  7. Last one,
  8. Seaton,
    Beautifol examples, thank you.
    Kerkko K.
  9. Kiev 6C with Arsat Zodiak 30mm f3.5
  10. Here is an "all-sky" Milky Way image I took with my F-Distagon.
  11. Taras,
    Thank you, beautiful photo!

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