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  1. I have this Panasonic-Palmcorder-PV-DV53-Mini-DV-Camcorder and want to attach a fish eye lens anyone know where i can find the right one or if it's even possible?
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  2. The lens is fixed, so you can't fit a fish-eye instead, but you can get a fisheye converter that screws into the filter threads - in this case 43mm.
    Quality of these converters is variable, but most should be OK for video which has much lower resolution requirements than stills work.
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  3. Thank you do you know where i could find one? Sorry I’m a noob i don’t know much
  4. SCL


    Depending on where you live, you might try any photo store, or a store like Best Buy or Walmart in the photo section.
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  5. I think either
    Beastgrip Converter John Lens Beastgrip Fisheye Lens 37Mm Filter Diameter Camera 869738000030 | eBay
    Sony SEL057FEC Fisheye Converter Lens For FE 28mm F2 27242888821 | eBay

    Should work if mounted via a suitable stepping ring (a 43 to 37 step down for the first, I'm not sure about the second)
    The first may well vignette at the corners more than the second as it's designed for a smaller diameter lens. Checking with the seller is probably a good idea!

    There may be a better selection on amazon, most of those that came up on e-bay where wide angle adapters despite searching for fish-eye ones...
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    The Raynox HDP-2800ES is exactly what the OP describes and it is designed for the intended use with camcorders.

    It described by the manufacturer as “High Definition 0.28x Diagonal Fisheye Conversion Lens”.

    It comes in three filter sizes: 37mm, 43mm and 52mm. Hence using the 43mm size there will be no extra spacing from the front element of the camcorder’s lens and no adapter rings should be required to mount it on the camcorder.

    As I expected, the price of this Conversion Lens (NEW) is probably more than the camera would sell for, second hand – here is a link: [LINK]

    For those wondering about the relative FoV (Field of View): the Panasonic’s specs mention it has a ¼” image sensor and a 3.6mm ~ 36mm optical zoom.

    A ¼” sensor has a conversion factor to a 135 Format Camera’s sensor of about x10.81, hence the FoV of the camcorder when at 3.6mm (the widest zoom) is equivalent to about a 39mm Lens on a “full frame” DSLR.

    With the Raynox HDP-2800ES added to the front of the camcorder, (factor x0.28), and the camcorder's lens at 3.6mm, we’d expect an image something like an 11mm Fisheye Lens on a “full frame” DSLR.

    Re-iterating for the OP to note – Conversion Lenses vary in quality and also I’d expect that the camcorder when zoomed at its widest setting, 3.6mm, that lens would not be at its best performance, and considering that the camcorder is a relative old design - in a nutshell, I think that you should be prepared for reasonable to mediocre image quality – and that might be acceptable, I don’t know.

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  7. Thank you all for the advice i appreciate it!

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