Fisheye lens for the Pentax 645N

Discussion in 'Pentax' started by john_haslach, Jun 23, 2017.

  1. Is there one that is good?

    I see Rokinon has one. I bought Rokinon 30 years ago and was not impressed.

    Thank you!
  2. You could try the one for the 67 with an adapter but you will not not have the full barrel distortion seen when used on the 67.
  3. I don't think Rokinon makes one to cover 67 film that I'm aware of. Their lenses are good for the money but would't suit your needs with a too-small image circle.

    There are a couple of "SMC PENTAX 67 FISH-EYE 35mm F4.5 Lens for Pentax 67" on that big auction site that would do the trick for you. Or maybe an Arsat 35/3.5 if you could get the right mount but that also might have too small an image circle for 67. I have one I use on 645 and it's pretty good for the money.
  4. Matt might be referring to Arsat 30/3.5 (not 35)? There's also a Kiev 30/3.5, and I think I'm seeing what might be the same lens called 'Zodiac'. Not certain whether or not these will give the full 180-degree diagonal on 645 film, but I imagine they'll be wider than a rectilinear 35mm lens. Perhaps Matt can speak to this. I believe these usually are in the Pentacon 6 mount, and that there are adapters for Pentacon 6 => Pentax 645. I think there are also relatively low-cost tilt/shift lenses with this mount as well. Looks like Mamiya and Bronica offered fisheyes as well, not sure how adaptable those are. though.
  5. Oops, yes, it's a 30, not a 35. I think it's supposed to give 180* on 645 film but I have not tried it.
    My widest lens before this was the Pentax-A 35/3.5 and it's considerably wider (and fishier) than that on my 645D.

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