First wedding shoot - any keepers?

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  1. I am not a wedding photographer but any stretch, but I was asked by a friend to take pictures at her wedding. After multiple e-mails telling them that it was not a good idea to have me there as the only shooter, I gave in and did it. Here is the link to the flickr set:
    It was hard work, very hard. I think experience and prep would really have helped. Although I do not plan to go into this business, it sort of becomes a matter of pride to do a reasonable job.
    Any feedback welcome. Anything worth showing?
    Thanks, Dmitry
  2. First wedding?? Terrific work. I especially liked the older man walking with the little boy. Good eye capturing that!
    The only thing I saw that was missing was a bridal portrait. The bride alone in or out of the church, in a garden, etc.
    This was free?! They got reeealllly lucky! You had the presence of mind to go up above and get a bird's eye view, and you captured the important moments well. The exposures were good, too!
  3. I clicked the link expecting the usual mediocre-at-best pictures, but you actually did a wonderful job documenting the event! I would be happy to show the entire set. I see that you used a Nikon D700, but I'm curious to know what else you used. Some of the shots look like there is a flash.
    I'm actually about to shoot a wedding for a friend the first time as well, but Ill have two assistants helping me, haha. Its encouraging to see that a first attempt at something new can still be well done. Very nice work!
  4. Seems pretty good to me. They got a good deal in my opinion! The only thing I would change is that there are places where your depth of field is so shallow and/or exposure is so long that there is nothing anywhere in sharp focus. But it seems like there are only a few of those shots, so good job. I love the bird's eye view shots (did you have a remote trigger on a camera up there, or just run really, really fast to get the ceremony up close and from far away?). I thought you captured the personality of the participants very well, and I felt a little like a guest myself from your good coverage. You did a far better job than my neighbor's wedding photography, and I know he charged them over $2,000.
  5. Any keepers? Hmm. Pretty much all of them.
    Nice job indeed.
  6. Thanks. I am glad it did not totally flop.
    Theresa: I went from the list of photos they wanted to have that they gave me. It was so rushed and hectic, that I did not even have time to think of what other things I could get. Next time on a good bridal portrait :) Of course the price was free. I am not good at taking money directly for services yet :) My personality is not well suited for that.
    Thomas: I used 2 D700s with 24-70 and 70-200. For a couple of shots I used the 17-35, but that lens is falling out of favor with me after getting the 24-70. On every shot I used fill flash with SB-800 dialed back a stop or so. I was just impressed with how hard this was. Both physically (very heavy gear x 10 hours) and emotionally (you just don't want to muck it up). Planning before really helps. I am very glad I went to the rehearsal and shot a practice run. I wish I gave more advice on positioning at the rehearsal to clean up the backgrounds a bit, but I didn't. Also know your cameras, you just have to be really technically proficient to not fumble around at the key moment.
    Jennifer: The bird's eye view shots are with the best remote setup I have - my wife with a D5000. She actually got carried away and shot 800 frames that day. A few of those shots are hers actually. I only shot 1000 myself with 2 cameras!
    Neil: Thanks
  7. I think you are doing a fine job overall. Your exposures (or post work) seem to show a little too much flash for the MIB (men in black). I usually dial the flash down if using TTL for those guys, about -1 1/3 to -2 works.
    Posing seems a bit stiff, but not too contrived. That is one area many starting togs struggle with, so I would say this is a great first one.
  8. First off, be sure to say a prayer of thanks to the wedding gods for giving you perfect clouds to diffuse the light on the ceremony and outdoor shots. You should have kept your eye on the lil' gangsta' with the groom/groomsmen shots......he flashed you a gang sign and then followed it up by flipping you the bird. Watch the guys posing for the camera and have them drop their chins so that you're not shooting up their nose. I saw some back-focusing during the ring exchange and a number of shots where I'd prefer more DOF. You got what looks like motion blur and some flash issues with several of the indoor portraits. All in all a very good first time out.
  9. Lots of great moments and expressions. You have a very good eye for stuff. Good for you. What kind of stuff do you normally shoot?
  10. Good Eye ,
    KEEP IT UP!!!
  11. Wow - some really awesome shots there :)
  12. Great work on your very first wedding photos. Hopefully you can start to get paid to be a wedding photographer in the future- if you decide you want to. :) Looks like a beautiful location.
  13. Well done, Dmitry. Generally good exposure and you seem to have documented all the key moments. A quick tip for future reference, when using a wide angle lens, beware of perspective distortion (I believe it's called fore-shortening) of the subject. I would squat just a bit and not shoot from eye level (if using such a lens).
    <p>This post is a good onbe for those starting out, on the importance of preparation, both physical (gear) and mental (practicing at rehearsal, having a list of photos, etc)
    <p>I bet they'll be thrilled :)
  14. Aren't cloudy days just a lovely time to photograph a wedding! A giant outdoors softbox.
    Nice job with the flash inside too.
    Be aware of using Aperture Priority to much: it can bit you with a slow shutter speed at times when you're not paying attention.
  15. It is reasonable to accept SOME sort of payment for a job like that, especially that well-done. Do not feel guilty! Wedding photography is hard work, and there is a large amount of stress & responsibility. You may get referrals whether you want them or not, when others see these, so be prepared =)
  16. I think they are all very good! You have a really good eye. If you are this good starting out, you may want to consider doing it all the time. It was obviously a very beautiful wedding and you did a beautiful job. I'm sure that your friend must absolutely delighted!
  17. A very good first wedding...better then my first, that's for sure.
  18. Thanks for sharing those! I am shooting a much smaller wedding (for the first time), for a friend in October and am trolling the forums looking for advice and ideas. I will be using a d700 and renting the 70-200VR so it was nice to see these. Your images are very nice. You have some real gems in there, especially in the candids. I did have a good laugh at the "lil gangsta", as David Shilling called him. I don't know if you missed that or not, but it is a good lesson (to me anyway) that you have to be aware of all the details.

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