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Discussion in 'Member's Photo News' started by gary_meader, May 8, 2010.

  1. My first attempt at a web page is up and running, also. My work is a mix of digital and large format black and white. I've been doing photography for a long time, have had shows and other honors, but this is the first web page I've done. I hope you take a look.
  2. Your link points to a PN page, not your web site.
  3. I see this often on PNet. I suspect either an error with the UI or a bug. Try this:
    Gary's Web Page
  4. Nice work you have on your site. I liked the light set alot.
  5. Phil- Thanks. But I don't know why that works. Ce la vie
  6. Hi Gary,
    Just checked your website and like the images, especially Zen in Winter and Eleven Trees... I didn't have a chance to see everything. Your images evoke a feeling of isolation and loneliness and the b/w stuff looks great! Nice job.
  7. The issue is that Gary wasn't including http:// when pasting in his link. That is going to cause unpredictable results. I will see if Jin can create a way to auto-correct URL's pasted without the prefix. But there is the chance that it will mess up other words if we attempt to do so.
    In general, it's better if you always include the complete URL.

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