First try into 617

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  1. in 2005, when I moved from Australia to China, I got my eye for the first time on Medium format camera, and not just any medium format camera, 617 at that... anyway, long story short, 12 years later, I finally have had my hands on a Horseman SW617 Professional, and I managed to bring it along for my Fuji trip with the missus.... Surprisingly she didn't give me the look when she saw me doing film shooting which she really disapprove. Hahahha

    Lake Kawaguchi

    Lake Kawaguchi & Fujisan

    Sunset Fujisan from Lake Yamanaka Panorama Platform

    Sunrise Fujisan from Yamanaka Panorama Platform

    I have also tested some BW but the lab that do my slide is not that good doing BW, and they call their BW 'Lovingly developed by hand'.... Well, maybe it's a by name for unreliability and bollock development technique....
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  2. These are great! I've always liked 617 but not sure what I would do with them as I'm not into scanning etc. My B&W enlarger can handle 612 so that's what I'm planning to do. What will you do with 617?
  3. Scan them and that's it.... I haven't actually figure what to do as well...

    But Love these 3:1 ratio stuff...

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