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Discussion in 'Travel' started by low light, May 6, 2005.

  1. Hi all! Going to New York for honeymoon and to keep the peace with
    my new wife I would like to travel light. I like to shoot B&W and
    colour slides so I'm taking two bodies and three lenses, so question
    is which would you take? I have F100, F3HP, F65 and an FM2 and my
    lenses are 18-35mm F3.5-4.5D, 35mm F2ais, 50mm F1.8, 105mm F2.8, 28-
    70mm F2.8 and a 70-300mm F4-5.6. I also have the SB-23 and SB-28.
  2. If weight is an issue, I would opt for the wide stuff as opposed to the longer glass. I always find wide angle to be more useful than long glass in a city. And the 50mm is very fast and light and easy to throw in your pocket. The 28-70/2.8 is my lens of choice when carrying one lens in any city; even though it is heavy, I find its focal range to be ideal and of course it is tack sharp. Guessing the 18-35 will be useful as well.

    I seldom like to travel without my flash, but it can be left home if you really need to lighten the load.

    Have a look at the thread several below this one on this site - there is a discussion about what to see and do in NYC and several others and I have listed some suggestions.
  3. Oh - and 4 bodies is clearly overkill. If I had to choose, I would take the F100 (assuming you like and need the AF) and the F65 or FM2 with the 50 mounted when you really need to walk around light.

    The F3 is a fabulous camera...but you did say that weight was an issue. I would choose add'l weight of the 28-70 in exchange for the F3.
  4. Would really like to take my F3 though, it is such a great camera to use! Maybe 18-35mm, 50mm and 105 would be okay? That should cover most photographic needs.
  5. It sounds like a good choice.
  6. I live in NYC, so...

    You will REALLY REALLY want a fast wide lens if you shoot indoors or on the street after dark. tip 7:00pm - 8:00pm in times square corner of Broadway and 48th street where the sunset light hits the theater crowds.

    Take the 35mm F2ais.

    A 70-300 is great if you want to get any architectural details, or shoot in central park.

    Maybe the 18-35mm F3.5-4.5D, leave the rest.
  7. Would like to take some night time exposures at times square, it looks fantastic!
  8. Don't forget to visit B&H, also known as Toys R'us for Photogs
  9. Anthony -

    Let's see - you are going to NYC on your honeymoon, and you are expecting to spend all of your time photographing.

    I suggest that you discuss this plan with your finacee!

    Aside from that caution - - - you might want to spend some time wandering around the galleries in Chelsea (19th - 25th streets, between 9th and 11th avenues). There is a lot of good photography (and other art) that you may find very inspiring.

    And I enjoy just walking the streets in NYC - there are pictures everywhere. Check out, or for examples.
  10. I would recommend 2 bodies and 3 lenses MAX! You'll get tired hauling even that around all day! For me that would be the 18-35, 50 and 105 (I presume these are AF?), plus the F100 and F65. Or going all AIS, my ideal 3 lens Nikon system would be 24F2.0, 35F1.4 and 105F2.5, plus the F3HP and FM2.

    Good luck on your trip.
  11. Just take the F3 & the 35mm. No flash. It's your honeymoon. You'll need your strength.

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