First shots with panoramic Holga

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  1. Lot of fun with my first test roll into my Woca (glass Holga) with 24x60 insert modified (corrected) aperture change lever and cable release kit. I shooted in city (Brussels, Belgium) and in the remote (somewhere in Yorkshire, UK) with 100 asa Fuji. The result is nice and I managed correctly the manual advance of the film couting 74 clicks (in fact 1 full turn + 34 clicks). Here 2 of the surviving pics... Surviving because even with attention sign on roll and remarks to the guy at the photo shop, the roll was autamaticaly processed and more than half of the shoots are now cut :-( First pic is main hall of train central station in Brussels, pose of around 30sec full apperture "f8".
  2. Next one is 3 curious inhabitants of the Yorkshire Dale area, apperture closed down to "f11".
  3. Fiesta Broadway, downtown LA. Holgaramic image.
  4. Coool. I dont understand enough about Holga terminology to exactly understand what you did, but nice panos. The sheep are my favorite... although there is a poetry to the two of them together.... sheep and sheep?
  5. Hi Patrick,

    Basicaly, Holga are 6x6 camera using 120 film. But as it's basic camera no problem to adapt it for classic film. You can use adapter (24x36 or 24x60 -what I have done-) or also put the film direct in the camera so the result is pics on all the film even on the border with holes.

    As the camera is made for 120 film with manual film advance (using red windows), when using classic 135 film you have to close the red window and count the clicks while turning the film winding knob.
  6. Ahhhh gotcha! Ive just never seen it done without the sprocket holes! Cool stuff, I had heard rumours that the glass lensed cameras were unacceptably sharp... that doesnt really appear to be the case at all. ;)
  7. Bonjour, Jean Moxhet.

    Very nice.

    Did you always use a tripod? Or did you try "sliding" left to right for successive exposures?
    Did you find one method better than other?


  8. Very nice Holga images. I'd like to see more. BTW, there are many labs that will not cut your negatives if you ask them not to.
  9. Some answers: The train station pic was shooted without tripod. The camera was on the wall over the stairway, firmly holded by my left hand while I used the cable release with the right one. All the other were shooted handheld. I was lucky all the pics I shooted are correct. Regarding the process, next time I'll try another lab that will take account the remarks made by the client! Here 2 other pics.
  10. And last pic, another shoot in Brussels. The city hall tower over "pita street".
  11. Those are really wonderful. Keep at it.

    Tell the lab: Do Not Cut Negatives. Let them know what you're doing.

    Please show more.

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