First roll from Minolta Hi-Matic E

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  1. Hi Everyone,
    Here are some pictures from Minolta Hi-Matic E.
    Film used: fresh Fuji Superia 100. Scan from the lab.
    All pictures taken with the square lens hood and Minolta filter attached.
    Bottom line:
    Beautiful small rangefinder. very quiet, with one hell of a lens.
    For one moment I had a feeling that it's too sharp, which is crazy... Its probably as sharp as my
    Konica Hexanon 40mm f1.8 which is a gem.
    The lens is loose (my previous post here: I will take it to camera technician but for now, I'm very happy with the results! My jaw dropped...
    Please share Your experiences with Minolta Hi-Matic E and post some pictures. I would also know is it the same lens (Rokkor QF 40mm f1.7) that is mounted on Minolta Hi-Matic 7sII
    Now pictures, please judge for Yourself.
  2. #2 (focused on flowers)
  3. #3 Orginal scene
  4. #4 Flare test (without the filter).
  5. First of all, "At the table" is priceless! What a wonderful shot! The Hi-Matic E is a great camera with an outstanding lens. I do believe the lens is the same as that on the 7sII, another superb performer. I had both cameras but sold them after acquiring a Yashica CC, another camera with an unbelievably sharp lens that just feels better in the hand to me. These are wonderful shots Maciek, and I hope you post more from this camera.
  6. where did you get the hood? I agree the rokkor's on the hi-matics are great lenses. this is from the hi matic 9. missed focus - still learning min focus distance.
  7. Fantastic! The cat and table shots are great! What a wonderful camera.
    And of course the operator does a pretty good job too ;)
  8. I like the little Japanese fixed lens rangefinders. They do a great job and if your lucky they are still reasonably priced.
  9. I have my Minolta Hi-matic E somewhere. It is lost in the pile!
  10. Photo 2
  11. Photo 3
  12. Photo 4
  13. Photo 6
  14. One more thing regarding Batteries for Minolta Hi-Matic E:

    I've read on the web that when using modern 1.5V batteries with Hi-Matic E (1.5 versus original 1.35V) photographer need to change the ASA firom 100 to 50.
    Few says ago I tested my Minolta Hi-Matic E with two 1.5V batteries and Transparency film to see which setting is the best.
    Professional scanning showing a very small difference on Fuji Provia 100F transparency film with ASA 65 (next to 50) being spot on.
    Everything from 100 to 50 was well exposed. With negative film setting to 50 may be OK but for little more saturated pictures and for transparencies I would set it for ASA 65 or 80.
  15. Great site and review of this wonderful little rangefinder. I got mine years ago, for just $10 at a pawn shop, but never tried to find batteries for it until last year. A 3v lithium, a little cleaning and resoldering, and it sprang to life. New seals and a very gentle rangefinder cleaning and it's in tip-top shape and takes amazing images. I thought I would never love a full-auto camera, but although it limits one's ability to control specific aperture and shutter, within certain limits, and with experience, you know what to expect and are freed up to just compose. It's easily the camera I'm most likely to grab for a stroll downtown and the 40mm perspective is just perfect for street photography.
    My Hi-Matic E Flickr site can be seen here.....
  16. LudvigVan66!
    I know Your pictures from Flickr! ( Harlemshuffle here ;) )
    Keep up excellent work!
    Yep, I had the same impressions (I prefer all-mechanical, all-manual cameras) but shooting with this little rangefinder was a pure joy :)


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