First price-drop on M7...maybe?

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by jay_., Apr 28, 2002.

  1. I was surfing Adorama's website ( under M7 and they have an icon you click called "ask for price break" where they instantly e-mail you a buy price: $2209.95 USA. I don't know if they have them in stock though, you'd have to call and ask definitively. I've found them a reputable shop in the past...worth a call for anyone interested in a USA M7 now.
  2. I have found Adorama a bit "oily" with which to deal. Be cautious.
  3. Adorama this month played the old "it's in stock we'll ship it right
    out" game. A week later when I called "it just got back in stock
    we'll ship it today. Another week later " we'll ship it today". item
    ordered April 5, received April 23. Items shipped from NYC usually
    reach my house in NJ 2-5 days.
  4. Having waited 18 years for the M7, maybe some people might not mind
    waiting another 18 days to save $150 on one ;>)
  5. Have you ever heard of "bait and switch" tactics.
  6. pcg


    Careful. I've had Adorama say they items in stock for which they didn't. I switched to B+H &
    have had no complaints. Ya gets what ya pay for (too frequently)...
  7. i ordered an o-series just for fun 4/4/02 and adorama did not respond
    after the confirmation of order the same day. it took a call by me
    more than two weeks lates to learn that not only were they out of
    stock but don't ever intend to stock (no avail. was never mentioned)
    and hung up. lesson, go elsewhere, there are more fish in the sea.


    i haven't checked, but will do and add my own comment.


    i guess they saved me from another $900 toy, but not in a business
    like manner.
  8. I couldn't agree more.
    Forget Adorama buy from B&H.
  9. I agree... Bad experience several years ago at Adorama. Have
    been using Ken Hansen since. He is honest, knowledgeable,
    and will back his product to the hilt. The tel # 212 3170923.
  10. Saw something on PhotoNet where hundreds of dealers are rated for
    service. People list their complaints. After reading this list, you
    might never want to buy from a dealer again! Lots of people getting
    shafted! And they really badmouth the photo magazines for letting
    them advertise, month in, month out, in spite of so many consumer
    complaints. All the photo mags care about is ad revenue!
  11. Sorry to hear about peoples' bad experiences with Adorama. I haven't
    bought from them much, or in a couple of years, but I had ok
    experiences with them. Too bad for them if they've lowered their
    integrity. There are plenty of ethical places to buy from.
  12. I am surprised about all the flames against Adorama. I bought most of
    my Nikon gear there, (F5, F90x, F90, 80-200 2.8, 80-400, 60macro and
    much much more), much of my digital darkroom, and more. never had any
    problem with new, with replacing new that I wasn't happy with,
    returning new a week after the last day of return, on trade-in they
    are much better than B&H, I have found (gave me 650 on sigma 50-500,
    when B&H suggested 400). got there my 75lux as new for 1600. you have
    to know who to go to. Julio is the best. for trade-ins etc, speak to
    Jack Gold. it is easy to make accusations. even when they are well
    grounded accusations, they have to be fair, and they might be
    interpreted wrogly. I had some bad experience with B&H. don't believe
    it means too much. I had some really bad experience with Cambridge
    Camera, which does mean much. When you see a bad place you know it,
    Adorama is a honest place. The big difference is between people that
    know what they are talking about and tell you the truth when you buy
    something, and people that don't. Adorama and B&H are same league.
  13. I don't have any personal dealings w/ Adorama, but I have heard some
    of the same kinds of things as people are reporting here. I think if
    you mention Adorama in the question, you will select out answers from
    people who have had bad experiences. So this may be a skewed survey
    of responses. However, there are many excellent dealers with whom no
    or very few individuals report negative experiences, so draw your own


    So far I have not seen any other evidence of price reductions in the
    M7. I think it is too early. Prices will start to come down when
    New but non-USA M7s appear on the market, which will take a little
    while, since availability of the M7 is still tight.

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