First email to the lead .... quote or no quote?

Discussion in 'Wedding and Event' started by robgomez, Feb 24, 2014.

  1. Hello all,
    when you first email the wedding lead, first contact ... do you give your quote right away, if given enough info?
    I have been taking the "give quote over phone" approach, and it's worked ok for me.
    But I have heard a lot of photographers say that the customers like to see the price right away, so they know where they are in the decision process, .... and also to include package details right away.
    Where do you stand on this?
  2. I'm a believer in being completely upfront. So, even with publishing a basic 'package' pricelist (along with the caveat that all the options are subject to modification) on line, I still attach a pdf of them to our first correspondence. I have found that doing so virtually eliminates squandered time with potential clients who weren't prepared to pay my prices (it used to be something I routinely encountered).
    If you are in desperate straights, maybe this isn't such a good idea, since it largely eliminates potential clients who are completely out of your price range - without an opportunity to sell them, but it's a business decision: ie. be upfront with pricing, and eliminate leads who weren't prepared to pay your prices, or go after every possible lead, and modulate your prices to reflect what they are willing/able to pay (if not willing to change your prices, this is of course a complete waste of your and their time).
    Of course, the first question I ask, after affirming availability, is 'what kind of budget are you working with?'. That answer is enough for me to know how to proceed in the 'selling' process.
  3. I give prices as soon as someone asks. In business terms it's called "qualifying" the customer. As Marcus says, no point in wasting your time or theirs with someone whose budget is $50 and your minimum is $500. As a customer for other products and services outside photography, I personally feel like I'm going to get ripped off by someone who doesn't want to talk money, and I usually move on without doing business with them.
  4. As soon as I have enough information to supply a price - I do.
    I don't waste my time or their's.
  5. I offer as much info as possible right away, but I'm always more keen to find out more info about the job...and I do try to arrange a consultation or at least a phone call as soon as interest becomes clear, without being pushy - I find the personal touch helps immensely. Most people only get married once so couples are often unsure what they want from a photographer - but usually have a clear idea of their wedding day so I try to react to that and design a personal package for that couple... I do all my packages as bespoke as possible, so I find meeting the couple always informs the package and the price. Building up a relationship with the client right from the off helps I find.
    But always be honest - if you have a minimum price for an all day / half day shoot, let people know right away. I find restrictive set packages can be off putting however

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