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Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by norberto_burle, Nov 24, 2005.

  1. I am trying to update my firmware but I am receiving the following
    message: "CF card containing firmware is requiered to update cannot
    Any idea what is the problem?
  2. You haven't got the right firmware file on the card you are trying to update with. I suggest you go back to the site you downloaded the firmware from, and start by downloading and printing out the instructions on the procedure for your camera and then follow those instructions precisely.
  3. I did it and follow them step by step and allways receive the same message. BTW the site from where I downloaded was
  4. So, you did format the CF card in the camera first, right?
  5. Yes I follow the manual step by step but now I check that the size of the file from download is not the same as you see in the manual....
  6. If you didn't already, I think you might need to extract the software on your pc first and then put the update on the cf card. It also depends where you put the update, for instance, does it go in the DCIM folder or some other, I can't remember myself.

    Good luck
  7. The update file is placed in the root directory of the flash memory card on the EOS-1Ds Mark II.
  8. As you see from the manual the file need to be in the root directory (and didn't work in this way).
    I sent the question to Canon too.
    BTW I have a 20d.
  9. - format cf-card on camera

    - copy "20d00203.fir" file (if you are talking about firmware 2.03) to the CF-card (root) file should be 8.295kB.

    - put cf card in camera again & make sure you don't have any lens attached!

    - turn camera on (not in any basic mode), but guess you know that already

    - go to menu to do the update

    - after the update you switch of the camera and remove the battery for a few secconds.

    - turn camera back on to check the firmware version

    Should work without any problems (did it already a couple of times

    and also download it from :

    Hope this works?

    PS if you want I can email you the file or transfer it with msm or so?
  10. PS is the battery of the camera 100% full or at least full enough?
  11. Andy.
    Thanks for your comments, the process you describe is the process you can find in the manual. I follow it step by step and I downloaded the file from the same site as you did.
    As I write in one of the post are a small difference between the file size you downloaded and the size describe in the manual
    The extract is:
    "The firmware update file "20d00203.fir" will take up 8.09MB (8,493,110bytes) of disk space when created.

    You can confirm this by right-clicking the icon and selecting the Properties command from the pop-up menu that appears.

    If the file size differs from the above, please download the file again from the Web site. Also, firmware updating service is provided free of charge at Canon Service Centers."

    The size of the download is 8,656,576.
    Could be the size that cause the problem?
  12. The only thing to add would be to ensure that the downloaded file from the web site was first extracted and then transferred to the CF card. Other than that, we will see what Canon says. Good luck!
  13. My 20D did the same thing about 3 times. I didn't know why it was doing that but after the 3rd time it worked and loaded. I don't recall but I think I reset the camera by removing the battery for a bit then perform the upgrade as the instructions outline. Once I did that it loaded just fine and I've had no issues since.
  14. mine is (with right click) :

    - size : 8,09 MB (8.493.110 bytes)

    - size on disk : 8,09 MB (8.493.568 bytes)

    Already did 3 firmware updates on my canon 20d all without any problems.

    So guess is to wait and see what the people from canon will tell you.

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