Firmware Update 1.11 for Nikon D800

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by Andy Murphy, Mar 3, 2018.

  1. First attempt to do update with Asus laptop with Windows 10, after I downloaded the update to laptop Adobe Install popped up for installation. Should I delete the Adobe takeover move and continue or should I install Adobe Install?
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    Adobe is an unwelcome intruder, especially in a Nikon firmware update
    dump it
  3. Do not let Adobe do anything to your DSLR firmware. Follow the instructions on Nikon’s download page.
  4. Thanks, Got 1.11 download in folder per instructions from Nikon but when I attach card reader with forrmatted SD card laptop with Windows 10 does not recognize the card reader. I also have a notebook with Windows 7 I'll try. And, if that doesn't work I'LL try it at work. I now have the D850 but I would like to keep the D800 updated.
  5. Where on the Nikon website is this update? Does it serve any practical purpose? I found a couple of sources that were actually trying to sell me computer updates but nothing for the D800.

    Rick H.
  6. In a Google search, I used key words "D800 firmware update 1.11" and popped it up. Maybe it's my lack of experience with Nikon firmware downloads (I have more experience with Fujifilm firmware for X-Pro2 and lenses), but following Nikon script selecting Bin update from download took me several attempts at double clicking because it kept bringing up "Run".
  7. My understanding is that its main purpose is to improve performance with AF-P lenses.

    I don't have any AF-P lens(I think that now they're mostly limited to lower end DX lenses) but I've been told that they can be a bit "buggy" on the D800.
  8. OK thanks. I think I won't bother with it. I use more mf lenses than anything else and it works fine with those.

    Rick H.
  9. With my D800, after making about 6 or 7 rapid pictures the shutter button will not respond for a short period and I will turn power off, give it a few seconds, and turn power back on, take a few more pictures, and so on. Is the pause because the buffers are momentarily full or is it some other reason?. Of course my D850 doe not do this.
  10. I don't think anything can take the D800 buffer down to that few shots. The manual says 16 shots in 14-bit uncompressed raw, and you could probably knock that down a bit with a simultaneous JPEG and a single slow memory card. But 6-7 sounds very low.

    There are a couple of oddities that could cause strange behaviour. Setting D3 (max continuous release) or being in a bracketing mode spring to mind. I don't think they should stop the camera responding entirely, though.

    I'd start with a camera settings reset. Especially if you've just done a firmware update, because it may not be looking at the same bits of memory for its settings, and so might be a bit confused. I assume this is new behaviour after the firmware update?
  11. Try turning lossless compression on, 14-bit capture, raw, no jpgs, no distortion or vignetting corrections, no noise reduction, and see what that does to the buffer performance. Use the CF slot if you have a fast CF card. The D800 should pull 16-17 NEFs in a burst, if used with cards that were fast in 2012. If the cards are ancient then I suppose it could be worse.
  12. If one is not familiar with the update process: the file downloaded from the Nikon site is not the "bin" file you need, but an executable file that you must run first, to generate the BIN file. Once you have that, you copy the BIN file to the root directory of a memory card, and if it is done correctly, then when you go to the Firmware entry on the menu, the update option will appear.
  13. Thanks for good advice:. Once I learned focus of 1.11 is on AF-P lenses (which I do not own) I discontinued update. I revisited settings and made some changes recommended by Nasim Mansurov in Photography Life as his own D800 settings. My #1 card is a 64 GB SanDisk dating from 2012 when I purchased the D800. Now it pulls 16 pictures before pausing.
    This morning I took pictures at an Urban Garden volunteers at the Medical U., MUSC , maintain. And my impression is that I cannot click the shutter fast enough or enough times to make it pause. It, as it were, becomes an extension of your hand.
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  14. >Once I learned focus of 1.11 is on AF-P lenses (which I do not own) I discontinued update.

    I always strongly suspect that there are hidden updates.
  15. Matthew, Once you have the BIN file, you then copy it to the folder, where it is recognized as a sub-folder, showing the following folder hierarchy:

    And this is the pattern for all Nikon updates?
  16. I've only done updates on D3200, 7100 and 7200, and all were the same. Once extracted, the BIN file is put in a sub-folder, and you then transfer the BIN file alone to the memory card's root directory - no sub-folders.

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