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  1. Thank you for your thoughts.

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  2. This comes across as a "message" photo but I'm not getting the message. I'm also very conscious of two different, wrinkled backgrounds, which I find distracting and amateurish.
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  3. ⓦ ⓞ ⓡ ⓓ ⓢ
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  4. +1

    though I still find myself thinking ... a-n-d-?-?-?
  5. ......5 against 1
    cinque contro uno
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  6. 5?
  7. just an expression of mental masturbation. something we all engage in.
  8. Dada..
  9. Is there a hidden message here or am I missing something ?
  10. generous
  11. No specific message, just still life.
    Yes, the two of them are not enough to ignore, and the ironing was not an option.

    No hidden message, just abstract construction.
  12. So, maybe more of a hands-free stiffie.
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  13. Pavel, how about sharing your critique of this image.
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  14. I think you have put way more into this than anyone could ever get out of it.
  15. And, to add to the issues with this photo, the highlights are mostly blown out.
  16. Absolutely correct. Over time the human cortical brain region have the tendency to shrink, so a hands-free stiffie is a good strategy.

    Ok, here is my version. This could be my version of warning about gravity of the cancel culture as way to channel a catharsis of everyday life.

    This could be a monitor settings issue, I see the only the candles' lights are blown out.

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  17. could be.?
    - the treachery of words...
    imo A wasted and deceptive use of the critique forum. And a waste of time.
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