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  1. Dear all,
    I have a Fuji Finepix S5600 which I bought in March 2006.
    When I bought it, there was a CD with the FinePix Viewer, which I could use to download photos and they were then nicely named after the date when taken, sorted into folders etc.
    In June 2007 I moved from Italy to Romania and I cannot find now the CD.
    To make it worse, my old laptop, on which the software was installed, got a virus which I could not get rid of because it was XP SP1. I now have a new laptop, of course without the FinePix Viewer.
    I looked on the internet and saw that Fuji only gives updates of the software but not the software itself.
    Do you know where could I get the software?
    thank you
  2. I suggest you download one of the better free programs such as Google's Picasa 3 - - or FastStone Image Viewer - - and forget using Finepix Viewer. Picasa has some nice editing features and FastStone is quite fast.
  3. Dear John,
    thank you very much.
    From what I've seen Picasa doesn't have any of the features I was looking for.
    With FastStone I managed to rename the images after the date when they were taken, which is a big step forward, thank you, but finepix viewer had also an option to create folders according to the date, which I could not find.
  4. Photoshop Element 7 can do what you want.
    Also go to the Fuji site and send Customer Support an e-mail. They just might send you a replacement or let you download it. Of course, they might not. It is worth a try.
  5. Maria,
    You're in luck. I did a google and typed in "fuji finepix s5600 software" and the second website listed was one of Fuji's. If you click on it and read a bit you'll see that there is a link under the heading "FOR WINDOWS 2000/ME/98SE 1341KB", at the end of the paragraph, that will take you to Fuji's site that has the software download for the viewer you are seeking.

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