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  1. We often receive requests to host a Fall Foliage Workshop. We have not done so before
    now, largely because of the scarcity and high price of accom-modations in Vermont and
    New Hampshire during �leaf peeping� season. This year we have secured accommodations
    at Lopstick Lodge in Pittsburg, New Hampshire, at favorable rates, for arrival on Thursday,
    September 28th and departure on Sunday, October 1.

    Pittsburg is in New Hampshire�s Great North Woods, at the northernmost part of the state
    bordered by Vermont, Quebec and Maine. This is largely a wilderness area, too far away
    from "civilization" to appeal to most "leaf peepers," thus affording us a great opportunity
    to photograph undisturbed. Virtually every kind of shooting for Eastern Land-scape
    photography is available ... waterfalls, scenic lake vistas, interesting old barns and other
    buildings, rock formations, etc. Those interested in wildlife will also be pleased: the road
    from Pittsburg to Quebec is referred to locally as �Moose Alley,� and the lakes are full of
    loons (hauntingly beautiful when you hear their calls at night).

    We will start with an informal barbecue Thursday evening as people arrive. Friday and
    Saturday we will shoot in two or three different locations each day, and Sunday one or two.
    On one evening, Richard will lead a discussion of camera repair in the field. All formats are
    welcome. As usual, Bruce, Richard and Ted will spend their time working with and helping
    you in any way we can.

    We have reserved accommodations for 11 participants in 3 three-bedroom cabins and 1
    two-bedroom cabin, scattered around the First Connecticut Lake. These are modern, well
    equipped lodgings ... rustic, but comfortable. All have satellite TV. We may be able to
    handle two more participants if we act fast but accommodations are already very scarce.

    Contact me or Bruce Barlow ( or Richard Ritter ( for
    details and additional information.

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