"Finding Your Voice as a Photographer" course recommendation.

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  1. I just wanted to share that I took an online class recently called Finding Your Voice as a Photographer and I really enjoyed it. It's an online class led by a professional photographer who shows the work of many well-known and significant photographers throughout the years. At the end of every class, you're given an assignment relative to what you just learned by viewing and discussing the work of those people. I really got a lot out of the class and think some of the course material really ought to be required viewing for any photographer look got get better at the craft.

    It's very interesting and the class moves quickly.
    This is the guy:
    Michael Crouser Photography
  2. john_cataneo: I have to say that I love Crouser's Mountain Ranch photos, thanks for the link. Very nice work indeed! But I wish there were a more friendly web site than the facebook link provided. I'm not a facebook person so I had to turn down the frequent invitation to join and I found it very difficult to navigate and to get at the photos (but that could be my lack of brain cells). When I did access them it was worth the effort.
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